Test automation platform, Autify now supports Shadow DOM and Salesforce applications.

Test automation platform, Autify now supports Shadow DOM, which is used in various application development, including Salesforce applications.

Shadow DOM is one of the Web Component standards, a concept promoted by Google and others, to simplify web application development. The Shadow DOM is used in various situations, and it has become the norm, especially in Salesforce Lightning applications.

Autify’s recorder makes it easy to record Shadow DOM elements and create Test Scenarios, allowing you to manage the entire process for your Salesforce applications consistently, from development to delivery.

Autify supports PC browsers as well as mobile browsers. It eliminates the hassle of managing and maintaining real devices and dealing with OS updates when developing Salesforce applications.

Autify also makes regular test execution easier. You can execute tests even after a version update on Salesforce.

Autify is the only platform that allows you to easily record Shadow DOM elements in the GUI and run automated software tests. Autify reduces the cost of testing, especially for Salesforce applications where Shadow DOM is becoming the standard.

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