Enhance people’s creativity
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Some people think AI will take jobs away from people. We disagree.
Our mission is to provide the technology that allows us, humans, to focus on creative work that only we can do. By delegating unproductive work to AI (machines), we can increase society’s productivity as a whole.
Some people think AI will take jobs away from people. We disagree.
Our mission is to provide the technology that allows us, humans, to focus on creative work that only we can do. By delegating unproductive work to AI (machines), we can increase society’s productivity as a whole.

Solving the universal issue in software development

I've worked as a software engineer in Japan, Singapore, and the US (San Francisco). During that time, I came to realize that there’s one common problem that software development companies in all those countries face; software testing takes way too long. That's why I founded Autify. For software developers to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace, it's imperative to deliver at a fast release cycle. Software drives much of our lives, but developers are struggling to keep up. Autify was born to solve this. Our goal is to provide services that any software development company can use to deliver quality software to their customers faster. If you're ready to take on this challenge with us, we want to hear from you!
Ryo Chikazawa, CEO & Co-Founder, Autify, Inc.


Test automation is still in its infancy, and there are countless ways to improve productivity in the software development process. o expand Autifys capabilities and product lineup, our long-term roadmap is divided into these three phases.
  • Phase1
    Increase automation coverage
    First, we will provide a product that can automate a greater proportion of test cases that are currently being tested manually.
  • Phase2
    Increase overall test coverage
    Currently, test coverage varies from person to person. We will provide a product that increases the test coverage along with the automation percentage.
  • Phase3
    Eliminate test phase
    The test phase is for verifying that all operations work as intended after development. If we can automate tests at the initial stage of development, development can be driven by tests. Once all tests pass, the software can be released without a separate test phase.


  • 2016
    • Sep
      Founded in San Francisco, US
  • 2019
    • Feb
      Graduated from Alchemist Accelerator
      Autify became the first Japanese team to graduate from Alchemist Accelerator, a top accelerator in San Francisco, US. Our CEO, Ryo Chikazawa, is also a mentor at Alchemist Accelerator.
    • Jul
      Global Brain, Salesforce Ventures, etc. funds $2.5M
    • Oct
      Autify’s official launch
  • 2020
    • Apr
      Autify implemented by 100 companies
    • Aug
      Autify implemented by 200 companies
    • Sep
      Received the Audience Award and CTO Award at Startup Architecture of the Year 2020
  • 2021
    • Jan
      Autify for Mobile alpha version released
    • Mar
      Birth of Hatty, Autify’s mascot character
    • Oct
      WiL, Uncorrelated Ventures, etc. funds $10M as Series A
    • Oct
      Autify for Mobile's official launch
  • 2023
    • Oct
      Autify launches Autify AI Labs, featuring Step Suggestions, a New No-Code Testing Assistant Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4
  • 2024
    • Jun
      Autify Raises $13 Million in Series B Funding and Launches Zenes, an Autonomous AI Agent for Software Quality Assurance


  • CEO
    Ryo Chikazawa
    Ryo has been worked in software development for over ten years. Having worked as a software engineer in Japan, Singapore, and San Francisco, he has developed a #1 social game at DeNA, led product development as a product engineer at Viki in Singapore, moved to San Francisco to participate in a local startup as an initial member. He founded Autify, Inc. in 2016.
  • VP of Revenue
    Takayuki Shimizu
    Takayuki developed and operated a social game software targeted towards overseas users at DeNA. He joined FiNC Technologies in 2014, launching services for corporations and managing PM and the quality department. As the executive officer VP of Engineering, he oversaw product development and organizational management of the entire company. In July 2020, he was appointed as COO at Autify Inc.
  • VP of Engineering
    Thomas Santonja
    Thomas has 16 years of experience as a software engineer and a technical leader, having worked in France, Australia, and Canada in various industries, including telecommunications, nuclear waste logistics and medical imaging. He was the Director of Application at SSENSE, the largest fashion commerce retailer in Canada, and joined Autify in 2022 as VP of Engineering. He has managed many engineers and worked to develop no-code test automation technologies that utilize AI and emerging technologies.
  • VP of Finance
    Chiharu Goto
    Chiharu joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in 2012, worked in audit and consulting mainly for startups, and helped several companies go public in Japan. In 2016, moved to Deloitte Singapore and was responsible for assisting companies in Singapore, Myanmar, and Cambodia with audit, tax, and incorporation. He joined Autify in March 2022 and is now Vice President of Finance, responsible for investor relations, bank communications, business planning & management, and legal affairs.
  • VP of Product
    Milan Ramadev
    Milan has 20 years of leadership experience in areas such as product, marketing, and analytics, including seven years as an engineer in the aerospace industry. He has worked primarily with world-leading e-commerce and fintech companies in the US, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. Most recently, Milan was a product manager at Coupang Pay in South Korea, where he launched a new credit card product in October 2023. He joined Autify in 2024 and is committed to developing the best user experience from a product design perspective, leveraging rapidly evolving AI technologies.


Company Information

Company name
Autify, Inc.
Total Amount Raised
US$32 million (as of Mar, 2024)
Ryo Chikazawa
Company Address
U.S. Office 1390 Market St, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102 Japan Office 6th floor, Cross-C Higashi Nihonbashi Bldg, 2-22-1 Higashi Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004
Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2022) System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 2