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Simply recording your App operations

Effortless no code testing for everyone👍

Anyone can easily create and run tests by simply interacting with the app on Autify for Mobile. There’s no need to prepare real devices just for testing.
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Scale your native app testing with Autify for Mobile, a software test automation platform.

No more time wasted on manual testing, automated test creation, and maintenance.
  • No-code and intuitive UI makes creating tests a breeze💡

    Create a Test Scenario by interacting with the application as a user would. All operations will be applied to the Test Scenario. Anyone can start creating tests right away. Automate faster, automate more.

  • Run tests on real devices and emulators simultaneously. Maximize test frequency and coverage📈

    You can verify Test Scenarios simultaneously using the terminal environment provided by Autify. There is no need to arrange real devices or create Test Scenarios for each device, maximizing test frequency and coverage.

  • Autify’s ML supports maintaining UIs that change frequently🤖

    Native application UI tends to change frequently. Autify detects changes and updates the Test Scenarios, saving you significant time checking whether the changes were intended.

Autify for Mobile features

auto change detection by visual regression
Visual Regression Testing
Rapid development means frequent changes in the UI. Autify's Visual Regression feature will automatically spot differences and run tests without maintenance.
Support for device actions
Terminal operation
Autify captures operations such as Shaking the device and moving the app to the background/foreground with suspend-resume
Test API's
You can run an API as one of the steps in a Test Scenario. By using the API, you can flexibly change the state of the test target even if it’s dependent on another app
multi device management
Cross-device testing
Autify eliminates the hassle of managing actual devices and maintaining device farms
parallel test execution
Parallel Execution
You can run multiple tests at once. The number of parallel execution can be customized based on your use case.
Integrate with other popular web services
Service Integration
Integrate with services you already use. Implement seamlessly. CircleCI, Jenkins, Webhook, TestRail, and Slack are all supported
Pass environment variables
Environment variables
You can pass environment variables when creating and executing Test Scenarios. For example, you can use an environment variable to pre-login.
Change GEO location while testing
You can specify a location in your Test Scenario. Apps that use maps can also be tested.
Test with Xcode
Test on the latest Xcode
You can pre-test to check whether your app works correctly on the new version of Xcode.
Kyash, Inc

Software Engineer

Mr. Yusuke Konishi

At Kyash, we set up a QA team in 2020 and ran manual tests every time we released an update. While things were generally going well, regression testing became increasingly time-consuming as time went on. We decided to implement Autify for Mobile to improve QA without adding more members. With Autify’s help, we plan to create an automated testing system that members with no development experience can use.

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