Anyone can easily create and execute a test just by operating the app on the browser. There's no need to prepare real devices just for testing.
Anyone can easily create and execute a test just by operating the app on the browser. There's no need to prepare real devices just for testing.

Autify solves issues surrounding native app testing

The limitations of manual testing
Create Test Scenarios by simply operating the app on your browser and saving the recordings. Want to run a test every Saturday at 11:00 pm? Schedule regular test runs. Sit back, relax, and check the results.
Labor shortage for automation
Ditch code
Programming knowledge and automation skills were a must for test automation. With Autify, anyone can easily create and run tests, even without programming knowledge or automation experience.
High maintenance cost
Auto-repair with AI
Autify's AI will detect any changes in the source code and UI and automatically corrects the Test Scenario at every run. Say goodbye to manually correcting the Scenario at each release. No more wasting time fixing a broken test script.

An increasing number of firms uses Autify for Web.


Easy to use, now on mobile.

Record actions with a tap. Create Test Scenarios without writing a single line of code.
Local Replay
Create a Test Scenario and check if it runs correctly. Editing the Scenario couldn't be easier.
Service Integration
Integrate with services you already use. Implement seamlessly. Bitrise, CircleCI, Jenkins, Webhook, TestRail, and Slack are all supported.
API Execution
User API as a step in the scenario; the API gives you the flexibility to change the state of the target when the state of the app depends on other apps.
Test with the new Xcode
Pre-test to check if the app works correctly with the latest version of Xcode.
Change the location to a specific place. Test apps that use maps.
Device Actions
Autify supports gestures such as shake, as well as switching between foreground and background.
Change language
Effortlessly test the app in multiple languages. Multilingual environment? No problem!
Environment Variable
Pass environment variables when creating and running scenarios. it is possible to change the behavior of the product for testing purposes. For example, you can incorporate an implementation that keeps you logged in to make your tests faster and more stable!

Our advisory team consists of many companies and individuals.

Technical Advisor: Mr. Toshiyuki Hirata
(Affiliated company: DeNA Inc., System Headquarters, Quality Control Department, Quality Control Division, SWET Group)

Books: "The handbook of iOS app development and automated testing,, from unit tests and UI tests by XCTest to CI/CD, debugging technology."

There are numerous challenges for mobile app E2E testing.
There are issues related to test code implementation, operation, as well as preparing the real devices on which the test itself is run.
I'm sure many of you are unable to implement it because of those issues.
Autify allows you to overcome those obstacles and step up your game.
Please take advantage of this tool and raise the bar.

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