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We discussed what actions we need to take to achieve our big goals in the long-term and narrowed them down.
  • Solve burning needs
    We identify core issues and solve them in the fastest and most effective way in every situation.
  • Aim high, stay grounded
    We continue to learn while remaining humble and boldly challenge ourselves to reach high goals.
  • Be selfless
    We do what is best for Autify, rather than for yourself or your group, and take initiative.

Official language is English. Work anywhere.

Autify currently has members from various nationalities and backgrounds, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Not all of our members are fluent in English, and it’s a struggle for some, but the company actively provides support by setting up language learning programs, which have been achieving results. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transitioned to working entirely remotely. We use online tools to communicate and work with members from all around the world.



  • thomas
  • max
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  • ryosuke
  • hayato
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Machine Learning
  • Technical Support
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  • icon-javascript

Not only will you become proficient in programming languages and frameworks, but you will also have the opportunity to dive deep into various front-end technologies through running E2E tests on web services. A front-end engineer at Autify is responsible for a wide range of tasks and is a challenging role. You will make sure that the UI runs smoothly and maintain various areas of the platform; the mechanism for recording scenarios, the logic for extracting the correct element from the recorded scenario, and the mechanism for controlling test execution.

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You will be responsible for the mechanism for executing tests, which is the foundation of Autify as a test automation platform. Because Autify is a service, the system must be highly stable and reliable. Additionally, the test execution must be fast. It’s essential to build a scalable system that met those criteria. Your responsibilities include improving the infrastructure using the main application written in Ruby on Rails, as well as clouds and containers.

Autify uses the power of AI to automatically detect changes in the test target. But that’s not all. As we continue evolving, we will utilize machine learning in various other ways. A large amount of Test Scenarios and test execution results is accumulated every day. We use the vast amount of data to automate test scenario maintenance, improve test coverage, and even generate scenarios automatically.

The Technical Support team specializes in resolving technical inquiries from users. The goal is to solve the user’s problem as quickly as possible by using your in-depth understanding of the various technologies used within Autify and collecting evidence such as execution logs and putting them together like a puzzle.


  • milan
  • sam
  • keita
  • nick
  • april
  • fuji
  • Product
  • UI/UX

This is a key position in the evolution of our products. To solve our customers' "burning needs", you will work on collecting quantitative and qualitative data and developing product roadmaps using the latest technologies in the industry.

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This position is responsible for designing Autify for Web and Autify for Mobile. You will identify issues with existing systems from user feedback and UI/UX design, then propose and create user interfaces that enhance the user experience. In addition, when relatively significant functions are being developed, you will get involved from the research stage. Once a hypothesis has been formulated through discussions with the product owner, you will create a design prototype, incorporate feedback and create a polished UI. You will have the opportunity to get involved in all kinds of design tasks within the company, not just UI/UX.

Sales & Marketing

  • ryo
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  • kuria
  • masu
  • kohei
  • UNoS4kfF22bhaGf1701405183_1701405188
  • Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Marketing

"Making clients 'can't live without Autify'" is the mission of the team, which is dedicated to help Autify help clients grow their business. We keep up with the latest technology and market information to expand our market and make Autify more attractive to users.

You will be responsible for providing proactive support using your knowledge in development. The core responsibility of a Customer Success Engineer is to appropriately encourage users to make the most of Autify to minimize churn and increase usage. To achieve this, you will visualize and analyze usage and proactively take various actions while collaborating with Sales & Marketing members and Customer Support Engineers. Due to the nature of our service, knowledge and experience of the development flow and testing phase are essential for understanding use cases and encourage usage. As a Customer Success Engineer at Autify, you’ll be able to leverage your experience as an engineer, tester, or QA professional. There will be a lot of high-touch support, such as running hands-on seminars for users. In addition, Autify values resolving the user’s Burning Needs, so Customer Success Engineers provide chat support.

You will be responsible for providing passive support using your knowledge in development. That doesn’t mean Autify’s Customer Support Engineers passively respond to inquiries. One of the most important responsibilities is to listen to questions and requests from users and communicating with them to uncover the user’s Burning Needs. It’s up to the Customer Support Engineer to turn the customer’s voice into a treasure trove of information and reflect those voices to the product! Customer Support Engineers are also responsible for managing the Help Center and the user community.

Customer Service

  • taka
  • meiko
  • hiroto
  • kanta
  • kana
  • ryota
  • Account Success
  • Implementation Success

This position provides test automation support to enterprise-level customers and goes one step further by helping solve their business challenges. To achieve this, you must first understand the customer's management issues, strategy, and business model, then make the most appropriate proposals and work with the customer to come up with a solution. The position is also expected to maximize the outcome for the group as a whole by carrying out account planning for horizontal expansion.

In the SaaS business, where customer retention rates are critical, this position builds and improves business operations while pursuing excellent customer experience and creates the foundation for increasing the number of users and expanding services. We expect you to be the leader in developing and implementing strategies to increase customer utilization of our products from both the success (offensive) and support (defensive) angles.


  • chiharu
  • kei
  • yuka
  • eichi
  • RX9MYRMvawPKy3Z1681697939_1681697945
  • tak
  • HR
  • Business Management

HR’s mission is to grow the business through recruitment and organizational development. To create a more efficient hiring process and a better experience for candidates, we are working closely with each of our field teams to proactively hire through referrals and adopt casual interviews to strengthen our company-wide hiring efforts. When hiring engineers, we actively accept those who live overseas to capture talent and build an international company (you must be able to work during Japanese business hours). If you’re looking for a challenge at a global company, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The business management team is responsible for the back office. The team’s mission is to contribute to business growth by correcting the challenges that arise in the management system as the company moves through different growth phases. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have canceled our office early on and created an environment where all members can work remotely and flexibly. After that, we have been working rapidly to create a comfortable work environment and growth opportunities such as introducing performance reviews, English language learning programs, and skill improvement support systems. For administrative tasks such as accounting and labor management, they have established a system that makes full use of various SaaS tools. While the back office is often overwhelmed by paperwork and becomes specialized, we have created an environment that allows people to focus on essential work.

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