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Transform Your Testing Workflow with AI

Our suite of AI features revolutionizes your testing process. Develop high-quality services quickly by utilizing AI in every step of the testing process – from designing test cases, creating and executing tests, to maintaining test scenarios.

Ai Flow Chart

Scenario Creator

AI helps create scenarios based on the nature of the application under test

Visual Assertion

AI extracts elements from visual information and creates scenarios that test them

Visual-info-based element recognition

Based on a wide range of information, including images, AI extracts element information necessary for test execution

Visual Regression

AI compares test results and detects differences

Self Healing

AI suggests where and how to correct your test scenarios

What you can do with Autify AI

Detect changes in the test target
AI automatically detects any changes in the application under test
Self Healing
AI suggests how to change your test scenario based on what it detects. You can update the test scenario with a single click
Image-based element recognition
Automating mobile app testing, which was difficult in the past, is now possible thanks to AI's ability to recognize elements based on visual information. You can now test mobile apps the same way you test web apps
Visual Regression
AI automatically detects broken designs during test execution
Test Scenario Creator
You can make test scenarios easily with the help of AI
Test special UI
AI helps test special UI elements, such as checkboxes, which are difficult to test with traditional automated testing

More convenience and new experiences await you!

Scenario Creation
Element Recognition and Classification

AI is utilized to support scenario creation based on the content of the application under test.

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AI is capable of smartly recognizing and classifying elements

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Text information can be extracted from images with a high degree of accuracy.

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