mediba, Inc. Implements Autify for E2E Test Automation

No code mobile testing platform that runs in-browser, intuitively.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that we have started providing Autify, our test automation platform for quality assurance, to mediba, Inc for their media business operations.

Test automation has been essential for accelerating the agile development cycle for mediba’s media business operations. Furthermore, it is essential to test on multiple real devices, as mediba’s services are mainly used on mobile devices. However, since only engineers could write test code, manual testing became increasingly time-consuming and labor-intensive.

To overcome these obstacles, mediba implemented Autify, an E2E test automation platform. With Autify, there is no need to write program code, allowing non-engineers to automate testing. In addition, multiple devices can be tested simultaneously on the browser, saving a significant amount of time for regression testing.

Key Autify features used by mediba, Inc.:

✔︎ No code Test Scenario creation
✔︎ Testing on smartphone browsers
✔︎ Rapid, simultaneous test execution via Parallel Execution
✔︎ Project management function used by many teams

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A message from Ms. Izumi Narita, Quality Control UNIT Technology Center, mediba, Inc.

We supply services that are mainly used on smartphones, so testing on those devices is a must. We had two choices for writing program code for testing; have an engineer write it or test everything manually. Both options are very inefficient. With Autify, we can create Test Scenarios with no code, and maintenance across multiple projects is easy.

Due to the pandemic, testing on real devices has been impractical. We need to think carefully about how we can minimize the need to test on real devices. We believe Autify is a tool that achieves those objectives and can take us into the future.

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