Hi, I’m Hatty!

Hi everyone, my name is Hatty!

How’s it going in your buzz-y lives?

I’m a honeybee fairy living in Autify’s hive. Let me help you develop faster and release with confidence.

I’ll try my very best to help you. Let’s bee friends!

How Hatty was born

We at Autify have welcomed Hatty, the newest member of our family. They will help us accelerate development while ensuring quality.

You may have noticed that Autify’s logo has a hexagonal design. This is because we want to build a strong test automation platform, just like a honeycomb structure. Hatty is a honeybee. They will buzz among us, supporting and uplifting our development environment.

You might see them on Autify’s support page, community, and events. If you see them, please say hi!

Autify staff have connected with many of you who work tirelessly to develop products. Hatty was born with the hope that them can help you develop faster and improve quality. We hope you will love Hatty as much as we do. They will be buzzing around tirelessly as the engineer’s fun little sidekick.

There are few things busier and better organised than bees, the Autify bee works smart, making life taste that little bit sweeter each day. Hooray from the Hive!


Q. Where can I get hold of Hatty?
A. You can download Hatty’s image files here, which are free to use. Hatty will always be your sidekick!

Q. Can I use Hatty on my website?
A. If you can link Autify’s official website along with a brief note “Find out more about Hatty here,” then anyone, including individuals and corporations, can invite Hatty to their website (can use Hatty on their website). You cannot use Hatty for products and services other than Autify.

Q. Can I use Hatty as a logo or an icon for my app?
A. Since Hatty is a registered trademark of Autify, using Hatty as a logo or icon other than Autify is not allowed.

Q. Can I use Hatty as my avatar?
A. You can use Hatty as your personal avatar, but not as an avatar for a brand or a product. We’re glad you love Hatty so much, but since Hatty is Autify’s original character, you cannot use Hatty as if it’s your own character.

Q. Can I create a product that contains Hatty?
A. You may not use Hatty for products or merchandise, whether it’s created by Autify or customized by you, without Autify’s written permission (including email). This includes T-shirts, toys, stickers, digital products, etc. Please contact us here.

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