Notice of Appointment of Director

Autify, Inc. (Headquarters: San Francisco, United States, Japan: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Director: Ryo Chikazawa) has appointed Takayuki Shimizu, a former corporate executive officer at FiNC Technologies, as the COO.

From 2014, Shimizu has been a product manager for corporate services and was responsible for an engineer organization at FiNC Technologies Co., Ltd. for about 6 years before managing products and the engineering team as the corporate executive officer VP of Engineering.

We welcome Shimizu as COO and will strive to further accelerate integrated decision-making and business decisions, from business promotion to organizational management, recruitment, and corporate management.

Profile of Takayuki Shimizu, COO

Joined DeNA in April 2011 as a new graduate and experienced developing and operating multiple overseas social games as an engineer. After working as a startup and freelance, he joined FiNC Technologies in December 2014 as the first engineer to be hired mid-term. After leading the launch of corporate services, he later gained various experience in development, such as an engineering manager, product manager, and is responsible for the quality control department. He has been involved with company-wide product development and the organizational change and management of the engineering team. In July 2020, he was appointed to COO at Autify Co., Ltd.


“While facing many challenges in development, I have been feeling more and more strongly that balancing quality and speed is a major issue that cannot be avoided due to the increasing complexity and sophistication of development environments and requirements. I imagine this is the case for many technology companies. However, although interest and need are growing, definitive standards have not been established for improving productivity in testing. I believe this could be seen as a great opportunity. In addition to this, I joined Autify because I was attracted to the world that Autify is aiming to create, and above all, the charisma of the founders Chikazawa and Yamashita, the CTO Matsuura and other members was irresistible.

I will strive to grow Autify into a service that is loved even more and to create a strong organization that can support and continue its growth by leveraging my experiences in organizational development and development/quality management.”

Director CTO Hayato Matsuura (left), newly appointed COO Takayuki Shimizu (center), CEO Ryo Chikazawa (right)


PR Contact
Email: [email protected]

About Autify, Inc.

Company name: Autify, Inc. (Japan branch)

Location: 6-4 Nihonbashi Tomizawa-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0006 &WORK NINGYOCHO 2A

Name of representative: Ryo Chikazawa

Established: February 3, 2017

Business description: Development and sales of software test automation platform “Autify”


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