Coincheck, Inc. Adopts Autify’s E2E Test Automation Platform

Automating regression tests to reduce maintenance costs. Reallocating each department’s limited resources resulted in improved business operations.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that Coincheck, Inc. has adopted our test automation platform, Autify, for web application quality assurance.

Coincheck, Inc., the company behind the cryptocurrency trading service Coincheck, does not have a dedicated QA (quality assurance) department. Engineers have been creating Test Scenarios, and test execution was handled in collaboration with other team members.

With one major release every few months, and one to several minor releases every day, engineers were running tests in addition to their regular work. They were unable to allocate sufficient time for regression testing.

To solve these issues, the company chose Autify as their E2E test automation platform. Now, CRE engineers create tests, have them checked by the legal department and customer support as necessary before running automated tests. By automating tests, they were able to reallocate each department’s limited resources more effectively, resulting in improved business operations.

Key Autify features used by Coincheck, Inc.

✔︎ No code creation of Test Scenarios.
✔︎ Autify’s Maintenance AI detects specification changes due to updates and auto-repairs Test Scenarios.
✔︎ Step Group function, which organizes steps in Test Scenarios to make it reusable in other Scenarios.

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A message from Mr. Yuji Eto, CRE Group Leader at Coincheck, Inc.

I used to use Selenium for test automation. However, every time the UI or stylesheet specifications changed, I had to rewrite the program code, making it difficult to maintain. Autify displays the differences in the specification and auto-fixes the code accordingly.
Thanks to Autify, I spend significantly less time staring at test specifications!

The deciding factor for choosing Autify was that anyone can easily create automated tests. Our service requires a high level of security, so we need to create and run complicated tests, such as tests for user verification that involves email authentication. With Autify, it’s easy. Autify has also made connectivity tests easier too. Automating tests gives you peace of mind, which is something all of us need.

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