Autify launches Autify AI Labs, featuring Step Suggestions, a New No-Code Testing Assistant Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4

San Francisco and Tokyo, October 4th, 2023 – Autify, Inc. – the company behind no-code AI-powered software test automation tool Autify –  announced today the dual launch of Autify AI Labs, a comprehensive AI resource and training hub, and Step Suggestions, a new Chat GPT-powered test scenario creation assistant that enables users to create high-quality scenarios for automated testing. 

Autify AI Labs will allow users to view the latest information on Autify’s proprietary AI features and learn more about how the platform helps users streamline testing and QA. The hub provides detail on how Autify currently utilizes machine learning (MLUI technology) to recognize elements in web and mobile applications. Autify AI Labs will also house a blog by the development team behind these features.

“Agile development helps companies improve their competitive advantage. However, as products are developed faster, the QA workload increases; balancing development speed and QA has long been a challenge,” CEO Ryo Chikazawa said. “Our AI-powered no-code test automation tool, Autify, makes it easy for anyone to automate tests and reduces QA staffing costs and time spent on software testing.” 

Autify’s newest AI feature, Step Suggestions, looks to further this endeavor, addressing another common challenge customers face: what test scenarios to create to increase coverage as applications become more complex. Step Suggestions utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 to provide expertise here, by designing an automated test scenario for test items that were previously verified manually and giving guidance to users who may have trouble knowing what to test in the first place. 

Meet Autify AI Labs: Showcasing the Power of Autify’s AI

Autify AI Labs showcases a suite of features utilizing AI to automate the QA phase in software development. Since Autify’s inception, the company has utilized AI for core features for every step of the testing process – from test case design, test creation and execution, to scenario maintenance. These features include difference detection and Self Healing, as well as features that test UI elements and machine learning (ML) models that run tests even when it’s challenging to retrieve source code, which can often be the case with mobile app testing: 

All features derive from two product perspectives: Autify Vision, which looks to detect differences just as human eyes would by recognizing UI structure from visual information, and Autify Generate, which utilizes generative AI to suggest a variety of ideas for testing. 

A Deeper Look at Step Suggestions, Autify’s proprietary AI testing creation feature powered by ChatGPT

By tapping into the power of AI, Autify makes it possible to automate software testing without coding, allowing people to focus on creative work that only humans can do.

With Step Suggestions installed, when users start recording a test scenario, they will see three suggestions on the page of the application under test, including which element to test and how to test it. Users are able to re-generate suggestions by clicking out or deleting existing ones. 

By following these suggestions and adding steps such as click, text input, and assertion – which checks whether a particular element works correctly – users are able to create effective test scenarios.

Step Suggestions Movies

For existing Autify users, Step Suggestions is now available on Google Chrome as an extension

If you’re new to Autify, you can start a free trial today at   

About Autify

With a mission to “enhance people’s creativity by technology,” Autify, Inc. has developed Autify, an AI-powered test automation tool. Autify enables anyone to easily automate web and mobile application testing without having to code. Our three-pronged approach of focusing on no-code, AI, and customer success has helped us solve the challenges of labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty that were hindering software testing automation, all while decreasing the cost of these tasks.

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