Autify, Inc. Appoints Doron Reuveni as Independent Director

Autify, Inc. (headquartered in California, USA; CEO: Ryo Chikazawa), which provides the AI-based software automation tool Autify with a mission to “empower people’s creativity through technology,” is proud to announce that it has appointed Doron Reuveni, founder of Applause, a market leader in crowdtesting, as an independent director for the fiscal year 2022, strengthening its management structure to ensure 2023 is a year of further breakthroughs.

Doron Reuveni

Doron Reuveni background:

Doron Reuveni is the​ independent director of Autify. Previously, Doron was the​ Chief Executive Officer​ and​ Co-Founder of Applause, which he founded and grew to a profitable multi-million dollar company.

Doron found​ed​ Applause and ​led the creation of the crowdtesting market and ​its ​growth as a market leader. ​Although the idea of “in-the-wild” software testing was a radical notion when Applause was founded, today, it has become an integral part of the software development process for thousands of companies worldwide.

Under Doron’s leadership, Applause evolved into an enterprise-grade solution, meeting the complex requirements of the world’s most influential brands. ​​Doron’s leadership has made him an internationally recognized expert in software development, testing, and entrepreneurship.

Doron earned a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering from the Technion University in Israel.

My Comments on joining Autify:

I have been excited about the digital testing space since founding Applause. One of the new emerging technology space in software quality is the no code test automation space that is growing leaps and bounds. I am truly excited to join Autify the leader in the no code test automation space as an independent board member helping Autify shape the future of no code test automation. Autify provides the first ever platform that allows anyone to perform automation testing while using artificial inelegance to maintain robust and ever evolving suite of test scenarios.

Doron, who has experience growing businesses globally, will provide Autify’s board members with regular input and feedback on management and accelerate the company’s expansion into global markets.


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