Step Suggestions is an AI feature that suggests each step of a test scenario.

With the help of AI, users can easily create high-quality scenarios for automated testing.

Why We Developed a Test Scenario Creation Assistant Using ChatGPT

Agile development helps companies improve their competitive advantage. However, as product development speeds up, QA workload increases, and balancing development speed and QA has long been a challenge.

Our AI-powered no-code test automation tool, Autify, makes it easy for anyone to automate tests, even without an engineering background. This reduces QA staffing costs and time spent on software testing, enabling companies to release high-quality products while maintaining development speed.

Another major challenge is that it’s difficult to identify which items to test, and to ensure that test coverage is sufficient.

When we asked Autify customers about their QA concerns, many pointed to a lack of know-how in designing an automated test scenario for items they used to test manually. Others said they did not know what to test.

To address these challenges, we developed Step Suggestions, a feature that uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 to suggest steps in a test scenario, making it easier to create scenarios.

About Step Suggestions, Autify’s proprietary AI feature powered by ChatGPT

Autify’s Step Suggestions is available as a Chrome extension.

When you start recording a test scenario with this extension installed, you will see three suggestions on the page of the application under test about which element to test and how to test it.

By following these suggestions and adding steps such as clicks, text inputs, and assertions (which check whether a particular element on a page works correctly), users can create high-value test scenarios.

If a suggestion is not appropriate, simply click the X button to delete it and get another one.

How to use Step Suggestions

Step Suggestions is currently available as a beta feature.

If you are already an Autify user

1. Download the Chrome extension from the link below:

2. Then, request a token using this form:

If you are not yet an Autify user

1. Please request a 14-day free trial.