What is Cross Browser Testing?

Traditionally, cross browser testing has been conceived as a type of non-functional testing which consists in making sure a web app or page works as expected –that is, at a functional, design, responsiveness, aesthetic and accessibility level, independently of the web browser utilized. Today, this definition also encompasses the fact that apps and pages should not only work as expected on different web browsers, but also on different operating systems and different devices (desktop and mobile), and, desirably, on several assistive technologies for people with different abilities.

This type of task can be performed using basic elements such as the very hardware and software platforms on which web browsers run, but there are also tools which can help us do this.

What a Cross Browser Testing Tool should do

Normally, a reasonably good cross browser testing tool should feature certain performance abilities such as code validation (HTML, CSS, JS), assessing app performance, responsive design testing, checking for UI inconsistencies, etc.

But we’re not for normal things in here.

Autify, besides all that, supports desktop and mobile browsers, eliminating the tediousness of having to maintain and manage real devices and device farms.

It features multi-device parallel testing as well, which makes Autify an ideal match when it comes to cross browser testing, since it saves hours of valuable time.

All that, packaged in one platform which also offers:

  • A no code testing platform, no programming knowledge required.
  • A GUI to record test scenarios and play them back.
  • Test script maintenance through AI.
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms which “learn” of user interface changes, adapting to them and alerting the QA team.

Try Autify for your Cross Browser Tests

You can see our client’s success stories here: https://autify.com/why-autify

  • Autify is positioned to become the leader in Automation Testing Tools.
  • We got 10M in Series A in Oct 2021, and are growing super fast.

We have different pricing options available in our plans: https://autify.com/pricing

  • Small (Free Trial). Offers 400~ test runs per month, 30 days of monthly test runs on 1 workspace.
  • Advance. Offers 1000~ test runs per month, 90~ days of monthly test runs on 1~ workspace.
  • Enterprise. Offers Custom test runs per month, custom days of monthly test runs and 2~ workspaces.

All plans invariably offer unlimited testing of apps and number of users.

We sincerely encourage you to request for our Free Trial and our Demo for both Web and Mobile products.