Automation Testing Tools

Automation as a software testing technique, procures maximizing time and resources by executing iterated use cases of a software application en masse. Therefore, testing of large applications or software components –usually stable ones– becomes exponentially more time efficient. This type of testing is done by using certain automated execution tools existing in the market.

So far, so good. But this is an article on Automation Testing Tools, so let’s dive deep into what an Automation Testing Tool actually is:

An Automation Testing Tool is a software application which lets the user create test scripts to be iterated automatically any amount of times. Test scripts are a way of telling the tool which actions to execute. There are automation tools for either:

  • Recording, that is, recording the actions or steps of a given use case through a special recording tool.
  • Coding scripts in a certain programming language through a special framework or programming user interface, thus becoming an executable script.
  • Using Keywords –aka Data-driven testing– to specify the actions of a given script.

Automation tools also let the user create test suites. A test suite is a set of test cases, each and every one describing the methods as to executing the steps of a given flow or use case.

During the execution, the user can set breakpoints so as to isolate a sequence or portion of it in order to find errors.

Just like in manual testing, preconditions –test scenarios– must be specified and set beforehand.

Expected results are parameterized in the script so as to compare them with the actual results at the end of the execution. When the execution ends, the tool will report the number of possible  –if any– errors recorded during the iteration, specifying in which step of each test case the error took place. If no error shows up, the tool will yield a valid –expected– result.

Now, thanks to the diversity of the market, we have an ample variety of tools at our disposal, each with its pros and cons, depending on the objectives, necessities and budget of the user.

We’ll talk about that later.

Why Automation Testing Tools are the Future of QA Testing

As we know, along with the growth for demand and necessities of the market, technology must adapt. One of the most paradigmatic examples of this is the automation of industrial processes.

Automation provides a way to multiply production within the same timespan.

In the past –and also to a certain extent in the present, retesting large pieces of software –in the context of a regression test, whenever changes are made in the code– was a tedious task which required high amounts of man-hours spent in running manual tests.

Automation tools are a game changer in this sense. While not being a substitute for manual testing, it has incalculable benefits concerning ROI when we’re to test large systems or components, provided they’re stable enough to be tested in a reiterated fashion, increasing test coverage, execution speeds and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the development process.

Choosing the Right QA Automation Tool

As I said before, the market offers a wide scope of products when it comes to tools, but we need to be certain about what we’re looking for.

Just as an example, we might ask ourselves: Do we need,

  • Ease of use –minimized cost of training?
  • Support for several types of testing?
  • Support for multiple testing frameworks?
  • Good environment support?
  • Object identification/mapping?
  • Ability to recognize objects in any environment?
  • To test databases?

Answering yes or no to each one of these questions might lead us to select the right tool –or set of tools– for our job.

What are the Best Automation Testing Tools Available?

This is quite a tricky question. The truth is, different tools available in the market have their own pros and cons, and, in most cases, the pricing is not transparent. We would recommend you to do some research and look at a few lists online, avoid companies that do not have any pricing available and go with companies that are not simply tools, but have real humans and outstanding customer success behind them to support your QA team.

In our case, we are a full suite for testing where you can:

  • Build tests easily with a no-code, intuitive UI.
  • Create Test Scenarios by interacting with the application as a user would.
  • Run Test Scenarios on multiple browsers simultaneously.
  • Automate faster, automate more.

We have a long-term roadmap traced in order to expand Autify’s capabilities and product lineup, which consists in three phases:

  1. Increase automation coverage. We will provide a product that can automate a greater proportion of test cases that are currently being tested manually.
  2. Increase overall test coverage. Since test coverage varies from person to person, we’ll provide a product that increases the test coverage along with the automation percentage.
  3. Eliminate test phase. Automate tests at the initial stage of development, driving it by testing. Once all tests pass, the software can be released without a separate test phase.

Autify is for you if:

  • The development team wants to run tests first.
  • The QA team tests multiple products across the board.
  • The QA team is short staffed.
  • Test automation seems too difficult.
  • You have struggled with test automation before.
  • You haven’t got around to maintaining test codes.

You can see our client’s success stories here:

  • Autify is positioned to become the leader in Automation Testing Tools.
  • We got 10M in Series A in Oct 2021, and are growing super fast.

We have different pricing options available in our plans:

  • Small (Free Trial). Offers 400~ test runs per month, 30 days of monthly test runs on 1 workspace.
  • Advance. Offers 1000~ test runs per month, 90~ days of monthly test runs on 1~ workspace.
  • Enterprise. Offers Custom test runs per month, custom days of monthly test runs and 2~ workspaces.

All plans invariably offer unlimited testing of apps and number of users.

We sincerely encourage you to request for our Free Trial and our Demo for both Web and Mobile products.