[Online seminar for security and quality control personnel] “DevSecOps” that responds quickly and flexibly to changing situations

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August 25, 2020 (Fire) 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m JST
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 Mr. Yuki Fujita

Mr. Yuki Fujita

Space Market, Inc. TechLead

Yuto Ichikawa

Yuto Ichikawa

General Manager of Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.

Takuya Suemura

Takuya Suemura

Autify, Inc. Test Automation Specialist

Online (The URL of the connection destination will be notified separately by email)
Person in charge of a company that has an urgent need to improve security and quality
Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd./Autify, Inc.

Webinar outline

Do you know the word “DecSec Ops”?

DevSecOps is a concept that includes the viewpoint of security and quality in DevOps, which is the software development life cycle from software development to operation. It is a theme that has begun to become a hot topic in the last few years, and it is said that everyone involved in software development and provision should pay attention to it. Nowadays, there is a need to respond more flexibly, reliably and without human effort to all social, technical and economic changes inside and outside the country.

“WafCharm” that detects attacks from the outside as quickly and efficiently as possible, “Autify”, a software test automation platform that delivers content correctly, quickly, and reliably to users. By utilizing each service, a feedback loop can be run around to support DevSecOps.

In this online seminar, an overview of the services to realize these, and the challenges and results of the efforts from Mr. Fujita, Space Market, Inc., who is actually using WafCharm and Autumn as pioneers to grow the product, will be held in the future. I would like to talk about the aim of.

It is a content that can be enjoyed by those who have already worked on it, those who are about to work on it, and everyone. Please join us.


15: 00-Introduction

15: 05-Introduction of Cyber ​​Security Cloud Service

15: 25-Autify service introduction

15: 45-Efforts for DevSecOps, a space sharing platform

16: 30- Q & A

16: 45- Closing remarks

17: 00-Individual meeting (* only for those who wish)

Speaker information

Space Market, Inc.

Mr. Yuki Fujita
Space Market, Inc. Engineering Department / TechLead

In college, he majored in information networks and devoted himself to research focusing on wireless sensor networks.
Interested in developing web services for consumers, he engaged in the development of music.jp at “MTI Co., Ltd.” in 2015 after graduating from graduate school.
After that, he became keenly interested in sharing economy matching products, and joined Space Market, Inc. as an SRE in 2018.
Currently, he is in charge of product function development and operational optimization centered on infrastructure.

Cyber Security Cloud Co., Ltd.

Yuto Ichikawa

Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. Web Security Business Headquarters WAF Automatic Operation Service Department / General Manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo. Completed the master’s degree at the same university.
Joined Works Applications Co., Ltd., a domestic ERP vendor, as a new graduate in 2016. After engaging in R & D related to AI and NLP by utilizing the research experience of genome data and machine learning, he focused on service development as an engineering lead of WEB development.
Joined Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. in 2020. Became a PM of “WafCharm” which is a WAF automatic operation service. We are expanding our services based on our technology and business experience.

Autify, Inc.

Takuya Suemura

Autify, Inc. Test Automation Specialist

As our test automation specialist, we are in charge of a wide range of tasks, from QA of “Autify” itself and its implementation to user test automation design and implementation support.
We are actively disseminating information such as attending the Japan Selenium User Community Study Group and hosting community events related to software testing.


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