[For SaaS companies] Churn prevention seminar-What is SaaS that SaaS should use?

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May 18, 2021 (Fire) 0:15 p.m. - 1:00 p.m JST
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Keita Moriya

Keita Moriya

Autify, Inc. Product Lead

Product owners, product leads, VPoE, etc. of companies that provide SaaS products
Nota, Inc.

A dialogue between Mr. Hiroki Akiyama of Nota Inc. VP of Engineering and Autify, Inc. Product Lead Keita Moriya, for all those who provide “SaaS products”, “SaaS (SaaS) that SaaS should use to prevent churn. for SaaS) ”will be thoroughly discussed.

This is an online seminar in a panel discussion format that tells you why customers are “friendly” about SaaS products and what they should do to prevent churn and improve LTV.

You can participate even while having lunch.

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Main contents of this seminar

– Reasons why customers “churn” to SaaS products
– What SaaS companies should do to keep their customers from being overwhelmed
– SaaS (SaaS for SaaS) that SaaS should use
* The above details are subject to change on the day of the event. Please note.

How to participate

– This seminar will be held online using the web conferencing tool “Zoom”.
– After confirming the application status, the organizer will contact the participants by e-mail in advance about how to watch the seminar.

Remarks and notes

– Please refrain from recording or recording the contents of the delivery on the day.
– If there are many applications, there is a possibility that it will be a lottery.
– If multiple people from one company participate, registration with each email address is required.
– Multiple competitors will participate in the webinar.
– Any act or remark that may disturb other participants or the organizer is prohibited.
– Participation for the purpose of competition investigation, recruitment of human resources, etc. is not permitted. If it is known in advance, we will contact you to decline participation.

About inquiries to the organizer

For more information about this seminar and inquiries to the organizer, please contact us from the inquiry page.



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