Accelerate business automation with no-code x AI

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July 09, 2020 (Wood) 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m JST
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Mr. Shunsuke Sagara

Mr. Shunsuke Sagara

Genesia Ventures, Inc. Investment Manager

Mr. Mitsutoshi Shimada

Mr. Mitsutoshi Shimada

BizteX,Inc. CEO

Ryo Chikazawa

Ryo Chikazawa

Autify, Inc. CEO & Co-Founder

Project managers, iOS engineers, QA engineers and others interested in test automation
Autify, Inc.

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Due to the influence of Korona-ka, many companies are required to work remotely, and they are trying to improve business efficiency and digital transformation more than ever. Isn’t that the case for everyone who is interested in this seminar?

In this seminar, two companies that provide no-code x AI SaaS that can realize “business automation”, which is one of the means of improving business efficiency, more quickly and efficiently, will convey the following contents in a talk session format. To do.

1. Business Automation Tips: Success and Failure Cases
2. How to raise and pass the approval for service introduction.
3. Why No Code x AI SaaS can drive them.

It is a content that can be enjoyed by those who have already worked on it, those who are about to work on it, and everyone. Please join us.


16: 00-Greetings

16: 05-Introduction of BizteX service

16: 15-Autify service introduction

16: 25-Talk session (A question and answer time will be set up on the way.)

17: 25- Closing remarks


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