Customer information sharing with our partner 

Autify may disclose information of its customers, including End User and End User employees, contractors and agents, based on an identifiable person’s consent to the effect that the person approves the provision to a third party in a foreign country as stipulated in Article 28 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan and only in accordance with the provisions of the Act to the foreign businesses specified below.

1. The Third Party

Autify will share its users’ personal information (including of End User employees, contractors, and agents) within the Autify platform with LGCNS (“the Third Party”)

a. Location of the Third Party – Republic of Korea(the “Country”)

b. Information on the protection systems of personal information in the Country to be obtained by an appropriate and reasonable means.

・Presence of privacy protection system: Yes

・Indicative information on the protection systems for personal data in the Country
–  the Country obtained an adequacy decision under Article 45 of the GDPR on December 17, 2021.

c. Information on the measures taken by the Third Party to protect personal information
– The Third Party has taken the measures to comply with BASIC PRINCIPLES OF NATIONAL APPLICATION (8 Principles) of the OECD Privacy Guidelines.

2. Autify’s Data Protection Regulations
Autify’s current Terms of Serviceand Privacy Policy.

3. End customer support program for Korean companies is provided by LG CNS.

4. The purpose of collecting and using end customers’ personal information is to share it with LGCNS in order to enable LGCNS to provide Korean language support to personnel of end customers that are Korean companies. 

5. The items of personal information Autify and LGCNS wish to collect are company name, individual names, email addresses and phone numbers.

6. Personal information will be retained and used for the duration of use of the service and following as archived or back-up data as necessary, subject to applicable law.

7. If End User or any individual End User employee, contractor or agent refuses to give consent, End User will not be able to use Autify services in Korea. End User and individual End User employees, contractors and agents have the right to refuse.