Kyash, MoT, Sansan talk about “real mobile app test automation”

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April 20, 2022 (Water) 07:00 p.m. - 08:30 p.m JST
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Yusuke Konishi

Yusuke Konishi

Kyash Inc.

Keita Fujiwara

Keita Fujiwara

Sansan Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sumi Hosonuma

Mr. Sumi Hosonuma

Mobility Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Those involved in mobile native app testing, QA, and development
Autify, Inc.

We invite three companies that have many users and develop beloved mobile apps, and will tell you about the realities of test automation in mobile native apps in a panel discussion format.

Mobile native application development is different from web application development in terms of fun and difficulty. This time, we will focus on test automation and quality assurance in the mobile application development and deepen it.

We hope that useful information can be delivered to people in various occupations involved in mobile application product development, such as engineers, product managers, and product owners, as well as those who are engaged in quality assurance work such as mobile application testing and QA. is.


Yusuke Konishi Kyash VP of Engineering Co., Ltd.

After developing an attendance management system at Works Applications, he was invited by the former synchronization in 2013 to join the Kiheitai, which had three employees at that time. Started developing Android apps in 2014 for app renewal. In 2016, I wanted to work in an English environment and joined Quipper, where I experienced Android development as a team. He joined Kyash in 2017, and after working as a member of Mobile and QA team, he has recently managed the entire development.

Keita Fujiwara Quality Assurance Group, Technical Headquarters, Sansan Co., Ltd.

Joined Sansan Co., Ltd. in April 2020 after experiencing the start-up of a QA organization as the first QA engineer at a startup company. Mainly engaged in quality improvement of mobile applications and Web applications of sales DX service “Sansan”, planning of quality improvement measures, maintenance and improvement of test process. Recently, he has been working on test automation for mobile apps.

Mr. Sumi Hosonuma Quality Management Department, Product Management Headquarters, Mobility Technologies Co., Ltd.

QA engineer of Mobility Technologies Co., Ltd. Started his career as a third-party verification company and engaged in work in the QA area for 7 years. From 2019, he joined JapanTaxi, the predecessor of Mobility Technologies, to build a QA system and promote a business system that combines automated tests and manual tests. Currently, he is also challenging QA work and PdM work as a new challenge.


Hayato Matsuura CTO of Autify, Inc.

After being in charge of infrastructure for large-scale services at a major web service company, he worked as a technical support engineer at GitHub. After joining autify as a lead backend engineer in September 2019, he became CTO of the board in January 2020. He also translates technical books such as “Introduction to Monitoring” published by O’Reilly Japan.

I will talk about this

– Those who are engaged in quality assurance work such as mobile native application testing and QA
– Those who are responsible for the release of mobile native apps such as PdM and PO
– General software engineers interested in the quality of mobile native apps Anyone involved in web services or engineering is welcome!


10 minutes to introduce the company

Panel Discussion- Real 40 minutes of mobile app test automation

Q & A 20 minutes

Information from each company 10 minutes

* Various times may vary slightly, but the total time will be about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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– If the purpose of participation is judged to be inappropriate, we may cancel your participation.
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