Autify, Inc, the provider of the AI-based test automation tool Autify, launches Autify Certification Program to certify test automation skills

CALIFORNIA, 04/27/2023 — Autify, Inc. (CEO: Ryo Chikazawa), which provides the AI-based software test automation tool Autify with the mission to “enhance people’s creativity by technology”, has launched a study program and certification exam “Autify Certification Program Test Automation Architect: Foundational” on Udemy. This program certifies that the participant has the foundational knowledge of test automation, an important part of software QA, and the skills to automate tests using Autify.

The program costs 2,400 yen, and upon completion and passing the exam, participants will receive an electronic certificate of qualification issued by Udemy. The electronic certificate can be displayed on their LinkedIn profile, for example.

After the program, we will also send participants an Autify Certification badge upon request, which can be displayed on business cards.

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To celebrate the launch of the Autify Certification Program Test Automation Architect: Foundational, the first 100 people who sign up below can take the program for free. This offer is valid from Thursday, April 27th, until 11:00 am (JST) on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023.

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The Program:

Why we are offering this certification exam

In today’s fast-moving marketplace where customers’ needs are getting increasingly complex, it is crucial for companies to accelerate their release cycle – to release faster than the competition, respond quickly to customer requests, and continuously improve their products.

But as the frequency of releases increases, so does the cost of software testing – the process of verifying that the software works as expected. This can be a huge burden for businesses.

While there is a growing awareness that test automation is essential to increasing business agility, some companies choose to slow down development and test manually because it is difficult to find engineers with the specialized skills required for test automation, and maintaining automated tests can be costly.

Our AI-based software test automation tool, Autify, allows users to create test scenarios without coding. The AI also detects changes in the user interface and automatically performs test maintenance. With Autify, anyone can easily automate tests, even without programming skills. Companies around the world have implemented Autify to improve the efficiency of their software QA practices and grow their business.

In 2019, we launched Autify for Web. In helping many customers, we realized there was a lack of certification standards in this new field of test automation – standards that certify that someone has the knowledge and advanced skills required for test automation.

To help organizations increase their competitive advantage through test automation, we have decided to offer a certification that recognizes an individual’s knowledge of test automation and skills in automating tests with Autify, as well as educational resources to gain the necessary knowledge.

Overview of the Autify Certification Program Test Automation Architect: Foundational

Autify Certification Program Test Automation Architect: Foundational enables QA staff and developers who develop software products/services to gain fundamental knowledge of software test automation and basic skills to automate end-to-end testing with Autify. Passing the exam demonstrates a certain level of competence in test automation design.

What you will learn

  • Overview of E2E testing and software testing
  • How to create and modify basic test scenarios using test automation tools
  • How to create e-mail tests and test plans using test automation tools
  •     Advanced software testing using test automation tools

Requirements for this course

  • You will require an “Autify for Web” account to follow along with the tutorials. If you do not have an account, please take advantage of the free trial to prepare for this course.
  •     No in-depth knowledge of programming is required as Autify is a no-code tool.

Fees and Certification Requirements

  • The program fee is 2,400 yen (including tax). There will be a certification exam at the end of the program, and upon passing this exam, you will receive an electronic certificate of qualification. (As of April XX, 2023)
  •     The applicant must take the certification exam and score at least 90% to pass.

Content is available on Udemy. For more information, please visit the following pages:


A message from the CEO

Autify,Inc CEO 近澤 良

Automating software testing is critical for increasing business agility. Although some people have the knowledge and advanced skills to automate tests, we have found there is a lack of standards to recognize them. By taking initiative and setting those standards, we hope to recognize and support those with a high level of knowledge and skills required to automate tests with Autify.

By offering the Autify Certification Program Test Automation Architect: Foundational, we are empowering those working in the increasingly advanced field of software QA.

About Autify, Inc.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Founded: September 2nd, 2016
Business description: Development and sales of an AI-based software test automation platform, Autify

With a mission to “enhance people’s creativity by technology”, Autify, Inc. aims to create a world where developers around the world use Autify from the beginning of development, thereby eliminating the testing phase and meeting user needs faster.

Our test automation tool, Autify, is a solution that enables faster release cycles and quality control. CEO Ryo Chikazawa, who has extensive experience as an engineer both in Japan and overseas, founded Autiy to “create an environment where people can concentrate on development and quickly respond to the increasingly diverse needs of users.”

As an AI-based no-code platform, Autify enables those without an engineering background to automate software testing. The AI also automatically maintains the test scenario.

Autify provides an environment where everyone involved in software development can achieve high levels of quality and agility through the active use of AI, thereby increasing the competitive advantage of all our customers.

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