SMN Corporation. introduces Autify, a codeless software test automation platform. Escaping the downward spiral of regression with Autify; from 40 hours of testing to zero using codeless test automation.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that SMN Corporation. has introduced Autify, our E2E test automation platform.

At SMN, regression tests used to take 40 hours. By introducing Autify and automating some quality control tasks, they have reduced this to zero. Re-allocating time and resources to developing and testing new features has accelerated their development speed.

Autify visualizes test cases, which has been useful for training new employees on creating test cases and educating them about testing. This has reduced those training costs.

Here are some of Autify’s functions that were especially effective for SMN:

✔︎ Cross-browser tests, which are useful when working from home.
✔︎ Autify’s cloud environment for running multiple tests quickly with Parallel Execution.
✔︎ Test Plans for daily regression tests.

You can read the details here:

A message from Mr. Takahiro Yasuda, Executive Officer at SMN Corporation.

Preventing regression has had a significant impact on us.

We offer Logicad, a service that receives advertising banner images and delivers them as an advertisement. As advertising creatives and reporting capabilities increase, testing time increases exponentially. Reducing testing time frees up time for other tasks. Automated testing also gives us an overwhelming sense of confidence, which allows us to re-allocate time.

Autify is a platform that I recommend to anyone who spends time every day to maintain the functionality in complex systems.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify makes it easy for anyone to automate web application verification without writing any program code. Labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty prevent automating software testing. Autify takes three approaches to solve this: no-code, AI, and customer success. This results in a reduction of costs incurred in these operations.

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