Slogan, Inc. Automates E2E Tests with Autify

Slogan, Inc. Automates E2E Tests with Autify

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that Slogan, Inc. has implemented our test automation platform, Autify, for web application quality assurance.

Slogan provides various services to new industries, centering on human resource support, including the exclusive recruitment platform, Goodfind. After many years of running and fixing their website, software rot became an issue – the code became too complex. As a result, testing whether the system works as intended became time-consuming and cost-intensive.

The company partnered with Human Crest, Inc., a third-party software testing company. They established a QA team and implemented Autify, our test automation platform for quality assurance. Slogan worked on automating E2E tests using Autify, taking into account Human Crest’s QA expertise.

They built and began running automated tests while using minimal resources from the development team. With each product being released once or twice a week, the company has successfully set up a QA process by automatically running E2E tests once daily and manually testing important fixes.

Key Autify features utilized by Slogan, Inc.

✔︎ Creating Test Scenarios without coding
✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into reusable Step Groups
✔︎ Browser testing on real mobile devices
✔︎ Periodic execution that runs a specific Test Scenario on a certain day/time

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A message from Mr. Kosuke Watanabe, Slogan, Inc.

We used to make test items ourselves, but having Human Crest’s expertise has improved test accuracy. Also, Autify allowed us to create test scenarios without coding, so we were able to delegate to Human Crest with minimal preparation. It was great that we were able to set up automated testing without hardly any resources from the product development team. This was a huge advantage for a company with few resources that can be allocated to QA.

The graduate recruitment market is changing every year. Many companies have transitioned to remote work in the last two years, so we will need to change our products and services and work on rebuilding our systems. Now that we’ve set up a QA team and automated tests, we have a solid foundation to start something new.

A message from Mr. Toru Maita, Human Crest, Inc.

Autify is incredibly easy to use. With other tools, you often get errors because of environment dependency issues, but Autify rarely has those errors. I appreciate how easy it is to course-correct when building tests. Maintenance is simple when specifications change, too.

Autify has plenty of features already, but I’m sure it will keep evolving. I’m looking forward to using it in different ways. I hope to utilize various features and keep improving Slogan’s QA processes.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify is a cloud service that enables anyone to automate software tests easily. It supports automated tests for web applications and mobile applications.

For software companies, software issues are a serious business risk. To manage such risks, it is critical to test frequently and improve test coverage.

Autify is a tool that makes test automation a reality, enabling your team to test more frequently and improve test coverage. As a no-code test automation platform, Autify makes it easy for anyone to create tests quickly. Autify also facilitates sustainable test automation; you can test on various browsers and devices, and our unique AI technology makes maintaining test scenarios a breeze.

Experience test automation with Autify today with our free trial.

Company information

Company name: Autify, Inc. (Japan branch)

Address: 6F Cross-c Higashi Nihonbashi Building, 2-22-1 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0004, Japan

CEO: Ryo Chikazawa

Founded: February 3rd, 2017

Business description: Development and sales of software test automation platform Autify


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