RevComm Inc. Automates E2E Tests with Autify

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that RevComm Inc. has implemented our test automation platform, Autify, for web application quality assurance. You can read more here:

RevComm Inc. Automates E2E Tests with Autify

MiiTel(, a sales support tool for analyzing and visualizing VoIP calls provided by RevComm Inc., was faced with the challenge of improving QA (quality assurance) as their client base rapidly expanded and the release cycle accelerated.

The automated tests developed in-house required different code and scenarios for each product, which was costly to operate and manage. RevComm focused on Autify’s ability to duplicate test scenarios and apply them to other products, significantly reducing time spent on scenario management.

Since implementing Autify, the company has expanded its E2E test automation coverage while reducing operational costs, ensuring high quality while rapidly developing products that meet client demands.

Key Autify features utilized by RevComm Inc.

✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into reusable Step Groups
✔︎ JS Steps that allow users to create Test Scenarios more flexibly
✔︎ Integration with Slack to receive test result notifications

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A message from Mr. Takekatsu Hiramura, CTO, RevComm Inc.

We turned our attention to test automation following a rapid increase in the number of clients, which caused us to release more frequently. We needed to develop faster to meet demands and be faster at QA.

Often, we run manual tests after releasing at night during maintenance hours. However, to respect our staff’s work-life balance, we wanted to avoid this as much as possible. I’m happy to say that Autify has solved this issue.

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