RecoChoku Automates E2E Tests With Autify

Regression tests for primary user flows are 100% performed on Autify

Autify, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have begun assisting RecoChoku Co., Ltd.’s quality assurance efforts. They have leveraged Autify for Web, our end-to-end test automation platform for web apps. The company has been able to improve quality and develop faster.

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RecoChoku is improving quality by running regression tests on Autify. The company provides a music streaming service that’s available on various devices. Also, it has recently begun providing a wide range of music experiences that utilizes blockchain technologies like NFTs. As a company offering several B2B/B2C services, RecoChoku faced two challenges: how to run enough tests to ensure quality without compromising efficiency and how to allocate enough resources during the busy period.

Key Autify features utilized by RecoChoku Co., Ltd.

✔︎ Create Test Scenarios without coding
✔︎ Parallel Execution feature for running multiple tests quickly
✔︎ Downloadable evidence reports
✔︎ Email testing feature
✔︎ Browser testing on real mobile devices

A message from Mr. Yasufumi Kiyosaki, RecoChoku Co., Ltd.

One of our aims for implementing Autify was to improve quality awareness within our company. The development team has gotten quite proactive, accelerating the transition to automated testing even further. The doubts I had before implementing Autify have been resolved pretty much entirely.

Ultimately, I’d like to eliminate the test phase from our development process. It won’t be easy, but I think it’ll be possible if we utilize Autify and create an environment where we can test at any time. Because we provide music and video streaming services, there will always be things that only humans can check. What we provide is an experience of enjoying music. To achieve this, our primary focus will be to understand music fans’ needs by gaining user insight. That’s the QA that only humans can do, and test automation will help us free up time to be creative.

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