Test automation platform Autify to start supporting READYFOR, Inc.’s quality assurance

Paying back technical debt for faster frontend development

Autify, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have started to support READYFOR, Inc., a company offering a crowdfunding platform of the same name, with their quality assurance practices. They have improved quality and accelerated development by using Autify, an E2E test automation platform for web apps.

READYFOR, Inc. helps those who want to achieve something but can’t due to lack of financial means. Users can raise funds on READYFOR, the crowdfunding platform. It launched in March 2011 as Japan’s first crowdfunding website, with over 20,000 projects posted to date.

They were aware of the technical debt which had been accumulating in the eight years since READYFOR’s launch. A major refactoring was needed to pay back the technical debt. However, the company was manually checking many test cases to make sure program updates would not cause problems.

After realizing that spending too much time on testing prevented them from adding more value to their product, they decided to automate E2E testing.

By implementing Autify, the company has paid back a significant portion of technical debt, and frontend engineers can now develop more flexibly. Development speed has also improved, releases have become more frequent and with higher quality.

Key Autify features utilized by READYFOR, Inc.

✔︎ Creating Test Scenarios with no code
✔︎ Reusing Test Scenarios as a template with the Step Group feature
✔︎ Periodic execution that runs a specific Test Scenario on a particular day/time

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A message from Mr. Ito Hiroshi, READYFOR, Inc.

Before we automated testing, technical debt was weighing us down in ways we couldn’t see. Having a significant amount of technical debt slows you down. And since E2E tests tend to break easily, the key is how to utilize them while keeping maintenance costs down. That was the deciding factor for choosing Autify.

I can’t imagine where we would be without Autify. It enables us to release more value more frequently. I think the value has increased fivefold, and the ROI has been substantial.

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