Q4 Inc. Implements Autify for E2E Test Automation

Autify helped save one-third of the time versus using Cypress or Selenium

Q4 is a global tech company that provides tools to support investor relations (IR) activities. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with other offices in the US, UK, Denmark, etc., Q4 provides solutions for major companies such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and many others.

Autify was chosen for its ease of implementation and speed to meet the high goals of executing the test automation plan in 3 months and achieving 85% test coverage or higher.

As a result, they successfully reduced the cost of QA by one-third with Autify.

Key Autify features utilized by Q4 Inc.

✔︎ No-code Test Scenario creation
✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into Step Groups to be reused later
✔︎ Reduce maintenance costs by using AI maintenance features.

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A message from Mr. Chastain Marchildon, Automation Engineer, Q4 Inc.

I’d say for the time saved, or at least the amount of work accomplished in the time that we had was probably three times the amount, maybe more of what we would have been able to accomplish with something like Cypress or Selenium. So because we were pretty hard-locked at three months’ worth of work before our first major release. And we really wanted to get 85% automation coverage for our test suites. We did manage to get that before three months, whereas I did not see that at all even closely possible with Cypress or Selenium or anything like that.

Essentially, Autify helped save one-third of the time versus using Cypress or Selenium.

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