Money Forward Kessai, Inc. Implements Autify for E2E Test Automation

(Mr.Yuki Shinohara, CTO, Money Forward Kessai, Inc.)
Photo courtesy of Money Forward Kessai, Inc.

Money Forward Kessai supports Autify's vision to create a world where anyone can write tests.

Autify, Inc. has started providing quality assurance services for Money Forward Kessai Inc.’s business transaction service, Money Forward Kessai.

Money Forward Kessai is an inter-business settlement service that deals with various billing tasks on behalf of its clients, including credit screening, invoicing, and payment collection.

In developing their service, they were faced with the challenge where they did not have the time or resources to run E2E tests before release. They were only able to perform basic operation checks after deploying. In addition, repetitive testing and maintenance tasks were lowering productivity and was a bottleneck for accelerating the development cycle.

To solve these issues, they implemented Autify, an E2E test automation platform. With Autify, there is no need to write program code, allowing non-engineers to automate testing. They have built a system that runs tests regularly, allowing them to catch issues early on, no matter how minor the issue may be.

Key Autify features utilized by Money Forward Kessai, Inc.

✔︎ Creating Test Scenarios without coding
✔︎ Email Testing
✔︎ Auto Heating
(Autify’s Maintenance AI detects specification changes caused by updates and auto-repairs Test Scenarios)

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A message from Mr. Yuki Shinohara, CTO, Money Forward Kessai, Inc.

Given the frequency of releases, it’s not always possible to run regression tests. That’s why automating E2E testing is essential for quality assurance. A reliable system automatically runs the tests, allowing us to focus on development. This has lead to an upward cycle where developing becomes fun and we can create more value. I consider test automation as an investment.

I want to create a team where every single member can work on quality assurance. If the test code has to be written from scratch, only engineers can work on QA and that’s not ideal. I heard that Autify has the vision to create a world where everyone can write tests, which is why their platform allows anyone to create tests without coding. We support their vision and are looking forward to seeing it become reality.

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