LayerX Automates E2E Tests With Autify

LayerX Automates E2E Tests With Autify

As LayerX added and updated features, the company faced a surge in the number of items to be tested. Automating E2E testing with Autify has reinforced their two strengths, fast development cycle and high quality.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that LayerX, Inc. has implemented Autify, our test automation platform for web application quality assurance. You can read more here:

LayerX Inc. provides bakuraku Invoice (Former: LayerX Invoice), an invoice automation tool, and bakuraku WorkFlow (Former:LayerX Workflow), which streamlines approval processes. The user base for both products is rapidly expanding since the company develops quickly to meet user demand. Since bakuraku Invoice and Workflow are finance products, maintaining high quality has been their priority.

However, every new feature needs to be tested, and the number of test items keeps increasing. It was becoming more and more challenging to run manual tests while maintaining the rapid development cycle. The company turned to Autify to automate E2E testing to solve these issues.

Even though the number of test items continued to grow, the company successfully reduced testing time by 50%. In addition, the team has been able to detect bugs sooner, allowing them more time to fix them, resulting in quality improvements.

Key Autify features utilized by LayerX Inc.:

✔︎ Easily create and maintain Test Scenarios with no-code
✔︎ Autify’s Maintenance AI detects specification changes and auto-repairs Test Scenarios
✔︎ JS Steps allow users to create Test Scenarios more flexibly
✔︎ Integration with Slack
✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into reusable Step Groups
✔︎ Rapid, simultaneous test execution via Parallel Execution

Find out more here:

A message from Mr. Masahiro Kajiwara, QA/CS Lead, LayerX Inc.

Once you decide on a test automation platform and begin creating test scenarios, you can’t simply change your mind and switch to another platform. For this reason, we took our time picking which test automation tool to use. After extensively trialing several tools, we decided to go with Autify. There were three main reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a no-code platform, so you don’t need to be an engineer to use it. Secondly, we were able to run tests during the trial period and confirm that Autify had the functionality we needed. Thirdly, the Customer Success Team always responded quickly, which helped us use the platform confidently.

The number of test items has increased since implementing Autify. However, we’ve maintained the same release cycle as before, which was to release the product after two days of testing in the staging environment. In terms of quality assurance as a whole, there are still a lot of things we want to work on, so it’s a big deal that we’ve managed to automate E2E tests with Autify. Autify has already become a tool that supports the growth of LayerX products and has been immensely helpful. It’s the best tool we’ve implemented this year.

Please see Mr. Kajiwara’s blog, published immediately after implementing Autify (Translated article):

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