Test automation platform Autify to support ITI, Inc. with quality assurance

(Left: Mr. Yuki Harada, the Project Planning & Development Department manager Right: Mr. Makoto Yonekura, QA/QC leader)
Photo courtesy of ITI, Inc.

Test automation platform Autify assists ITI, Inc. in solving issues in contracted development.

Autify, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have begun assisting ITI, Inc.’s efforts for quality assurance in their contract-based development services. They have leveraged Autify, a platform that automates E2E tests for web applications. It has improved quality control and reduced costs, which were some of the challenges ITI faced.

ITI provides a variety of in-house services as well as contract-based development for companies. They have worked on as many as 5,000 projects to develop apps for stores such as restaurants, beauty salons, and physical therapy clinics (they have developed over 10,000 apps in total).

In these contract projects, they were faced with many challenges when adding new features and fixing systems that had been in place for more than ten years. First, because they release every two weeks, there was not enough time or staff for quality assurance. Second, since the system has been in operation for a long time, building complex programs on legacy code was another challenge. However, there was a sense of urgency that the system would eventually stop if they didn’t automate testing.

Faced with these challenges, they implemented Autify, an intuitive platform for automating tests with no code. Running tests every night has allowed them to confirm that the system is stable visually. In addition, they can run regression tests in all areas, including parts that they used to not have time for. This resulted in improved quality assurance.

Key Autify features utilized by ITI, Inc.

✔︎ Creating Test Scenarios without coding
✔︎ Running E2E tests daily
✔︎ Providing Webhooks to facilitate the coordination of services used in various projects

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A message from Mr. Yuki Harada, the Project Planning & Development Department manager

Before Autify, we had to ask help from engineers and the service desk staff to run E2E tests every time the specification changed. However, manual testing was too time-consuming and costly. Since implementing Autify, we’ve been able to run tests without their help.

With contract-based development, it’s important to fix bugs and issues as quickly as possible. Autify has been one of the things that we can list in the SLA (service level agreement) to prove the stability of our service. There’s a sense of security in that. We believe that test automation can be applied to new projects, which will be a significant benefit for the future growth of our business.

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