Graffer, Inc. Adopts Autify for E2E Test Automation

(Mr. Kyo Ago, Front Engineer, Graffer, Inc.)
Photo courtesy of Graffer, Inc.

Autify, Inc. has started providing quality assurance services for Graffer, Inc., which develop various SaaS, mainly used in government services.

In developing around 20 services, Graffer spent an excessive amount of time verifying that the software works as expected.

To solve this issue, they implemented Autify, a platform that allows users to create and run automated tests in a browser. With Autify, there is no need to write program code, allowing non-engineers to automate testing. It also eliminates the need for maintenance when specifications change. This has resulted in significant cost savings.

Key Autify features utilized by Graffer

✔︎ Creating Test Scenarios without coding.
✔︎ Autify’s Maintenance AI detects specification changes caused by updates and auto-repairs Test Scenarios.
✔︎ High-speed testing using Autify Cloud’s parallel execution environment.

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A message from Mr. Kyo Ago, Front Engineer, Graffer, Inc.

Before we chose Autify, we considered several tools that allowed both engineers and non-engineers to create and run tests. The deciding factor was how stable Autify was at test execution. It worked as expected when we ran tests on our services; there was no need to troubleshoot.

E2E tests we created manually would fail sometimes, even though the test itself didn’t have any issues. We had to do occasional maintenance prevent failures. This is not the case with Autify. You can just let it run and check the results. Autify is a quality product and always works as expected. Reliable services are surprisingly rare, and our engineers have commented how much they love Autify’s reliability.

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