No-code software test automation platform Autify implemented by Ecbeing for e-commerce website quality control

(From the left, Mr. Shinichiro Abe, ECBEING CORP., Executive officer; Mr. Koji Takaishi, Architect, Web Solution Development Management Department; Mr. Seiji Suzuki, Deputy General Manager, Web Solution Development Management Department)

“The ease of implementation was key to success.”
Efforts to automate operations lead to a change in awareness within the company, with a goal to make the organization more robust and sustainable even in changing markets.

Autify, Inc. (CEO: Ryo Chikazawa), which provides the software test automation platform Autify, is proud to announce that ECBEING, CORP. has implemented Autify, an end-to-end test automation platform. Ecbeing has been providing e-commerce services, mainly e-commerce website creation services, since around 2000 and has been known as an e-commerce specialist within the industry.

As ecbeing develop, operate, and market e-commerce websites for numerous companies, they have been facing challenges such as inconsistent quality between projects and an increase in quality control costs. They are solving these challenges by utilizing Autify’s following features:

✔︎ No-code operation
✔︎ Maintenance AI feature
✔︎ Creating a CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps
✔︎ Run cross-browser tests, including mobile browsers

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A message from Mr. Shinichiro Abe, Executive officer of ECBEING CORP.

As a test automation platform, Autify reminds us of the importance of regression testing. It also shows us how automation is necessary for businesses and has allowed us to achieve it within our organization.

Following the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we have made efforts to become a solid and sustainable organization. By utilizing innovative services like Autify, we are working to create a company culture that prioritizes overall quality and improves productivity.

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