DeNA reduces QA workload by 15% by introducing software test automation platform Autify

We are pleased to announce that the quality control department at DeNA Co., Ltd. has introduced Autify, a no-code platform for automating E2E testing for web applications.

They have achieved operational efficiency by automating tests that used to be done manually. Now that there is an increased demand for working from home, we are continuing our operations, as well as providing quality assurance in areas where it was impossible for our staff to do so manually.

We will be focusing on essential quality improvement work that can only be done by people, and will continue to provide high-quality, high-speed services with greater user benefits.

In response to a variety of project and business needs, Autify is working to provide the following services and functions:

“Multiple project management” function that allows you to manage multiple projects collectively at a lower cost.

“User rights” function that can manage rights for each user.

Providing webhooks to facilitate the coordination of services used in various projects.

We received comments from Mr. Naoki Kashiwagura and Mr. Kenji Serizawa from the Quality Management Department, System Engineering Division, DeNA Co., Ltd.

Mr. Serizawa

Autify is very simple and very easy to get into. We use Autify for regular excursion checks to get out of the routine of taking screenshots on Excel and sometimes to detect abnormalities in the production environment. We have already been able to reduce workload by 10-15%, but we would also like to further reduce our workload while moving into areas where we have previously not been able to explore.

Mr. Kashiwagura

We have various products, but each team is introducing Autify at the same time. Until now, the process involved creating a test scenario for each application release, tracing it, and confirming it. These processes are no longer necessary. By introducing Autify, it is now possible to improve the coverage of cross-browser tests, add regression tests on a daily basis, and execute regular/repeated tests.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify makes it easy for anyone to automate web application verification without writing any program code. As a solution for labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty which prevented automation of conventional software tests, we take three approaches: no-code, AI, and customer success. This results in a reduction of costs incurred in these operations.

Company Profile

Company name: Autify, Inc.

CEO & Co-Founder : Ryo Chikazawa

Location: 1390 Market St, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

Established: September 2nd, 2016

Business description: Development and sales of software test automation platform Autify


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