Coconala Inc. Automates E2E Tests with Autify

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that Coconala Inc. has implemented Autify, our test automation platform for quality assurance.

Coconala is Japan’s largest skill-matching marketplace. The online platform matches people with various knowledge and skills (sellers) – such as designers, programmers, and counselors – with people who have problems that need solving (buyers). It currently has 450 categories and over 3 million registered members. For Coconala, Inc., which develops and provides the service, expanding its functionality and ensuring quality became increasingly important. However, human resources that could be allocated to QA were limited. Work hours needed for end-to-end testing had become a bottleneck for ensuring quality while increasing development speed. They implemented Autify, our test automation platform, to solve these issues. They began automating tests that used to be run manually. Currently, the company uses Autify to run regression tests every day. They also run weekly tests to ensure user-to-user trades work properly. They have created an environment that allows speedy development while ensuring high quality.

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Key Autify features utilized by Coconala Inc.

✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into reusable Step Groups
✔︎ Writing code in JavaScript steps and creating test cases flexibly
✔︎ URL Replacement to replace specific URLs in a scenario at once
✔︎ Email testing feature
✔︎ Regular execution that runs a specific Test Scenario on a certain day/time
✔︎ Integration with Slack to receive test result notifications

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A message from Mr. Masatoshi Murakami

In the age of digital natives, providing a reliable and excellent user experience isn’t a want but a need. Obviously, users will leave if a service is buggy and unstable. On the other hand, I imagine there are many cases where it’s hard to allocate resources for QA to achieve such stability, even if there are enough resources for developing new features. To solve this common issue many companies face, we need to build a stable QA system that requires as few work-hours as possible. Autify has been very helpful for us because it allows us to automate and streamline our QA processes. We look forward to further feature expansion and discovering best practices by exchanging information with other businesses that use Autify.

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