Speed up development to quickly meet the diversifying needs of cars; a case study of introducing Autify, a test automation platform that supports business growth

(Mr. Michisuke Kitamura, General Manager of the Development Division at Carview Corporation. (left), Mr. Tomokazu Manabe, engineer (right))

Technologies such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars are evolving. Sharing economy is on the rise. We can see there is a clear shift in what people need from cars. Carview runs Carview!, Japan’s largest car information site, and is working to meet these diversifying needs by developing faster and providing better quality.

We have published a case study, highlighting the effect of implementing Autify as a QA tool for growing their service. The implementation has reduced 1-2 days’ worth of workload.

Here are some of Autify’s functions that were especially effective for Carview.

✔︎ JavaScript Step
✔︎ Test execution within a real browser environment including IE (Internet Explorer)
✔︎ Autify REST API

Find out how they have implemented automated testing in their business by clicking here.

A message from Mr. Michisuke Kitamura, General Manager of the Development Division at Carview Corporation.

The world is changing rapidly, and frequent release is a must. It seems contradictory that development cycle needs to be quick, all the while maintaining quality.

I think test automation is vital to solve this issue. With Autify, creating a Test Scenario is effortless. It used to take us about a year to create our own test script, but Autify can handle that within a few days. Then, Autify’s AI can handle maintenance, which makes it incredibly efficient. It can check basic parts important to our business. This alone has been useful for preventing critical issues.

I think the easiest way to start automating is by starting small. Let other departments experience it. That will make the process a lot easier.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify makes it easy for anyone to automate web application verification without writing any program code. The release cycle of web applications has a direct impact on the strengths of businesses. Autify allows businesses to accelerate release cycles, as well as perform quality control tasks. As a solution for labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty which prevented automation of conventional software tests, we take three approaches: no-code, AI, and customer success. This results in a reduction of costs incurred in these operations.

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