Autify Connect is released

Autify Connect is Released

Using Autify Connect, you can run automated tests on applications located within an organization’s network, such as localhosts, internal systems, and staging environments that are not publicly accessible.

Autify will begin supporting automated testing on applications located in network environments that are not publicly accessible.

The background

While digital technology is an area that aims to improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, approximately 30% of the IT budget is allocated to software testing.

To improve business agility, many companies are implementing agile practices that maintain or improve the speed and frequency of software release cycles. In fact, the number of companies implementing automated tests has increased by 10% between 2021 and 2022. Now that companies need to make software release cycles faster, automated testing is becoming a necessity for ensuring fast release cycles and product quality, optimizing QA efficiency, and continuing to measure quality.

Given this background, Autify has been offering Autify, a test automation platform, since 2019. So far, our platform has saved over 20,000 days spent on testing. It has also helped users expand test coverage and utilize automated tests.

However, Autify has been limited to running automated tests on environments publicly accessible on the Internet. With remote work becoming mainstream due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are investing more resources to strengthen their network security, including VPNs. We have received many requests from users who wish to use Autify on those secured networks.

In response, we are pleased to announce the release of Autify Connect. With Autify Connect, you can apply Autify’s automated tests to localhosts, staging environments, and internal systems where employees are users.

How Autify Connect works

Using Autify Connect is very easy.

The target application under test doesn’t need to be accessible via the Internet. Autify Connect allows you to run and operate automated tests in environments located within an organization’s network that are inaccessible via the Internet, including internal systems, staging environments, and development environments. It also encourages shift-left: to create and execute automated tests in earlier stages of development.

You can use Autify Connect in 3 steps:

1. Build an Autify Connect environment within your organization’s network.

2. Install the Autify Connect Client to the environment prepared in step 1.
  *The Autify Connect environment you installed in the Autify Connect Client will establish a secure network between Autify and the target application under test.

3. After logging into Autify for Web, connect it to the target application and run an automated test scenario you’ve created to verify that communication is successful.

Release Autify Connect

Prerequisites for using Autify Connect:

✔︎ A server or PC environment on which Autify Connect Client can be installed
✔︎ Supported Operating Systems: macOS, Windows Client OS, Windows Server OS, Linux OS
✔︎ The device on which the _Autify Connect _client is installed must be able to communicate with external networks

Please do the following in advance:

Click here and log in to Autify for Web. *Install Autify Recorder (a Chrome extension) to the user’s browser environment. * The user’s environment and Autify Connect Client’s environment do not have to be the same (Autify Connect can be used even if they are the same). Create a scenario on Autify for Web for the target application under test.

Here is the details.

You can easily create test scenarios using Autify Recorder, our Chrome extension. Simply open the target application and interact with the application to reproduce the behavior you want to test. Anyone can easily create test scenarios that can be run on various devices without coding.

Once you create test scenarios, you can run them on multiple devices and browser environments that Autify provides. There is no need to prepare the test environment yourself. You can perform browser testing on major PC browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, as well as on smartphone devices such as iOS and Android.

Testing manually would require man-hours equal to the number of test items x number of devices. With Autify, you can create just one test scenario to perform behavior testing on each device variation.

Autify’s AI assists you with managing automated tests. Autify’s maintenance AI automatically tracks minor on-screen changes and runs automated tests while considering those changes.

You can use Autify to test any application, regardless of its development language and platform. Autify has been used to test Salesforce applications and applications on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

A special invitation to clients interested in using Autify Connect

The first five companies to register for this service will receive a special plan that allows you to use Autify Connect for one year free of charge.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us here.

Autify will continue to provide a test automation platform that supports your agile development efforts.


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