Autify begins E2E test automation for Asoview!

Autify begins E2E test automation for Asoview!

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that Asoview, Inc. has implemented Autify, our test automation platform, to their quality assurance practices. By automating E2E tests that used to be done manually, the company has saved a significant amount of time and improved quality.

(Left: Mr. Masaya Aoyagi, a QA engineer Right: Mr. Daisuke Takeuchi, a development manager) Photo courtesy of Asoview, Inc.

200 scenarios testing 18 items have successfully been automated with Autify

Asoview, Inc. provides Asoview!, a convenient and affordable reservation website for entertainment activities. On Asoview!, users can discover over 7,000 facilities, including tourist attractions, hot springs, leisure centers, and cultural buildings. The company also provides an electronic ticket system as a DX solution for businesses.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many facilities have taken measures to control the spread of coronavirus, such as requiring reservation, limiting the number of customers, and setting time limits. Asoview accommodated these changes by adding new features to its electronic ticket system. However, they were troubled by increased test time and ensuring quality.

To solve these issues, they implemented Autify, our test automation platform. Before using Autify, Asoview used to spend two to three hours manually executing 200 scenarios that tested 18 items. Now, they can do it all automatically with a click of a button. This has saved a significant amount of time and reduced maintenance costs for testing additional functionalities while maintaining quality.

Key Autify features used by Coincheck, Inc.

✔︎ No code creation of Test Scenarios.
✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into reusable Step Groups
✔︎ Downloadable evidence reports
✔︎ Integration with Slack

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A message from Mr. Daisuke Takeuchi, Asoview, Inc.

The key to running leisure facilities during the coronavirus pandemic was to control the number of people per site area. We have been adding functionality to our platform to meet these demands, but the system was becoming increasingly complex, making it more prone to issues. We were spending more time on testing, which put a lot of strain on the team. The release cycle was slowing down, too.

Even the development team had to work on QA testing, but now, testing has been replaced with Autify. We now have a system where automated testing can maintain quality, allowing developers to focus more on development. Autify’s UI is easy to use, making it more accessible to get started even on a small scale.

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