Test automation platform, Autify, implemented by the e-commerce app development platform, Appify

Invest in quality assurance from the beginning. Automating E2E tests ensures quality while keeping costs down.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that Appify Technologies, Inc. has implemented Autify, our E2E test automation platform for web applications.

Appify Technologies provides Appify, an app that allows online store owners to create official apps for their online stores. According to Appify Technologies, many Appify users generate tens of millions of yen every month in sales, and they had a sense of dread that a minor bug can result in a considerable loss for users.

To solve this issue and to improve quality, the company introduced Autify. With three central engineers working full-time, they have been able to ensure the system’s quality through E2E (End to End) testing while reducing staff costs.

Key Autify features leveraged by Appify Technologies:

✔︎ Create and execute Test Scenarios without coding
✔︎ Auto-repair during test execution using Autify’s maintenance AI
✔︎ Executing E2E tests integrated with CI using Autify REST API

You can read the details here.

A message from Mr. Ryosuke Fukuda, CEO of Appify Technologies, Inc.

The best thing about introducing Autify is that it’s allowed us to make bold specification changes. Not knowing whether there are issues makes us develop cautiously, and we’d have to verify all patterns every time, which is time-consuming. Autify allowed us to be bold and focus on development without overthinking.

If you don’t have time to automate, it’s because you haven’t automated. The benefits of test automation compounds. Even if you automate little by little, it will free up time. E2E testing is the most labor-intensive part of the development process, so I think it’s wise to invest in test automation from the beginning. I think it’s something that can be said about developing any software.

About Autify, the software test automation platform

Autify makes it easy for anyone to automate web application testing without writing any coding. As a solution for labor shortage, high maintenance cost, and technical difficulty that prevented automation of conventional software tests, we take three approaches: codeless, AI, and customer success. This results in a reduction of costs incurred in these operations.

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