ANDPAD, Inc. Implements Autify for E2E Test Automation

88% of cross-browser tests automated with Autify.

Autify, Inc. is proud to announce that ANDPAD, Inc. has implemented Autify, our test automation platform for quality assurance. They used to run E2E tests manually, but since automating them with Autify, they have saved a significant amount of time.

ANDPAD, Inc. provides ANDPAD, a cloud-based project management service that unifies operations management at construction sites, improving efficiency. The service holds the No. 1 market share among services of its kind*.

ANDPAD used to manually run E2E tests before each release, which took up a significant portion of the engineers’ and other department employees’ work hours. Even after writing automation programs, maintenance costs were a concern.

To solve these issues, they introduced Autify, our no-code test automation platform. Test automation reduced test time by about one-sixth. Additionally, they have automated 88% of their tests with Autify, including cross-browser tests.

* Source: Market Trends and Vendor Shares of Cloud-based Construction Management Services, Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Key Autify features utilized by ANDPAD Inc.

✔︎ No-code Test Scenario creation
✔︎ Integration with Slack
✔︎ Grouping Test Scenarios into _Step Groups _to be reused later
✔︎ Cross-browser testing on real browser environments such as IE (Internet Explorer)

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A message from Mr. Geshi Yoshiharu, VP of Engineering, ANDPAD, Inc.

Initially, we had planned to try Autify for three months. Having set milestones, team members gradually automated existing tests. We eventually expanded to automate cross-browser tests, making Autify a crucial part of our QA process. In the end, we decided to officially implement it after a month.

Autify has prevented failures before they occur, allowing us to ensure a high level of reliability. There is also a greater sense of security. In addition, we have significantly reduced the amount of time spent on testing. One of the most significant benefits of using Autify is that the time we save on testing can be spent on creating value by developing new features, for example.

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