Salesforce Test Automation. Intro to the problem.

A Salesforce tester will normally be faced by certain challenges which relate to those inherent advantageous characteristics of the platform. Complexity, frequent (seasonal) updates, dynamic elements and the heavy use of tables which Salesforce perform, are just some examples of why it is an ideal candidate for automated testing.

Salesforce automation testing tools, why use one for Salesforce test automation.

Salesforce has such complexity that makes it necessary to have a robust, swiss knife-like automation testing tool which covers a wide scope of requirements –e.g., E2E testing, No-code, etc. But besides all, it must be able to deal with the very intricacies the testing of the Salesforce platform presents.

The most important feature for your Salesforce automation testing tool: Shadow DOM.

One of those intricacies is the Shadow DOM. The Shadow DOM, having become a standard in Salesforce apps, is a sublevel of the DOM. It’s a self-contained, encapsulated block of code within a regular DOM that has its own scope. It isolates its elements, separating them from any default styling and structuring applied across projects.

Other features to look for in your Salesforce automation testing tools.

Having in mind the complexity and potential scalability of a Salesforce app, End-to-end (E2E) testing, Low code – Zero maintenance and being a SaaS solution certainly become features you should look for in an automation testing tool.

What are the best Salesforce Automation Testing Tools available?

Tricky question. Truth is, different tools have their own pros and cons, and, in most cases, pricing is not transparent. We would recommend you to look at a few lists online, avoid companies that do not have any pricing available and go with companies that are not simply tools, but have real humans and outstanding customer success behind them to support your QA team.

Autify offers the easiest and more intuitive solution on the market.

Autify’s automated testing solves manual testing issues with three approaches; accessible to anyone with no code, a significant cost reduction with the Maintenance AI, and customer success. It optimizes the testing phase of the Agile Development Methodology (ADM) proposed by Salesforce and helps make the continuous development cycle more stable and faster.

Besides that, Autify’s recorder makes it easy to record Shadow DOM elements and create Test Scenarios, allowing you to manage the entire process for your Salesforce applications consistently, from development to delivery.

You can see our client’s success stories here:

  • Autify is positioned to become the leader in Automation Testing Tools.
  • We got 10M in Series A in Oct 2021, and are growing super fast.

We have different pricing options available in our plans:

  • Small (Free Trial). Offers 400~ test runs per month, 30 days of monthly test runs on 1 workspace.
  • Advance. Offers 1000~ test runs per month, 90~ days of monthly test runs on 1~ workspace.
  • Enterprise. Offers Custom test runs per month, custom days of monthly test runs and 2~ workspaces.

All plans invariably offer unlimited testing of apps and number of users.

We sincerely encourage you to request for our Free Trial and our Demo for both Web and Mobile products.