What is Parallel Testing?

The more common concepts we have about software testing are that it implies a set of sequential routines, intended to be executed in some specific order. This is good enough when time –and budget– is on our development team’s side, but when we have a multiplicity of components, subsystems, versions, devices, etc., which need to be tested and time is rather scarce, another approach is required.

Parallel testing is a way of saving time and effort by concurrently testing more than one system or components of it. This type of testing can be done manually, though usually nowadays when we talk about parallel testing we rather mean a virtualization of systems or machines running in the cloud, with the only manual part being the master machine which triggers the testing process and is operated by the tester, therefore it can be it’s a semi-automated process.

Advantages of Parallel Testing

  • Time Saving: dramatic reduction of execution times once the framework is configured.
  • Lower Cost: cloud services allow for almost zero maintenance costs.
  • Wide Scope: combinations for test scenarios are exponentiated.
  • Maximum Coverage: as time and resources are optimized, a higher % of the code can be executed.
  • CI/CD Compatible: fast means also frequent, which also means continuous.
  • Flexible: adaptability in its transition from and to sequential testing.

Ideal Context for Parallel Testing

  • Cross-browser testing.
  • Multiplatform testing.
  • Concurrent version testing.
  • Сompatibility testing.
  • Performance tests.
  • Environment configuration.
  • Localization and internationalization testing.
  • Products with custom UIs.
  • Immature and quickly evolving product.

How is Parallel Testing done?

As we said above, there is master machine or system which is run by the tester, but also in parallel testing there will be a slave side in every project; these are the machines or systems which will be virtualized in the cloud.

Next step is establishing entry and exit criteria. There are a set of data/tasks and expected results which must be defined before test execution, as well as certain preconditions –defined scenarios, correct data migration, etc.

Normal execution routines would imply the same input data running in old and new systems concurrently, analyzing their differences, comparing the output of both –any bugs that may come up should appear at this last stage.

The number of testing cycles will be subject to the complexity of the software to be tested.

Autify gets it done

With Autify you can easily run up to 10 parallel test executions. No more hassles with E2E testing –differences between browsers, devices, etc. Execution times and compatibility cease to be problems; Autify supports both parallel executions via a lightweight Docker container and cross-browser compatibility test on a real machine.

Autify is an invaluable deal when it comes to saving costs. Due to its no code platform, no programming training is required. Also, as a SaaS delivered software, it’s guaranteed to be always updated and secured. Plus, AI algorithms help in making our tests virtually maintenance-free and 100% adaptable to the CI/CD cycle.

Bundled with all these features is a kind of tech support which every good customer deserves.

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