Marketing agencies and marketing departments are normally faced by challenges which relate to inherent characteristics of CRM platforms. Complexity, frequent updates, dynamic elements, the heavy use of tables, and default characteristics like Salesforce’s Shadow DOM, etc., are just some examples of why CRMs are ideal candidates for automation testing. Also, the potential scalability of CRM systems makes it even more difficult to create and maintain automated test cases in the long run, so the need for fast, reliable End-to-End (E2E) testing solutions emerges.

Proactive E2E monitoring is necessary to reduce revenue losses. Testing conversion paths and E2E processes on CRM systems is key to keep high quality data, and not miss potential sales.

Statistically it is still true today that CRM software has some of the highest failure rates. Studies have reported that between 30 and  50% of all CRM deployments fail to achieve business goals or plainly fail at it completely. Ironically, research also shows that failure is directly proportional to the effort invested. CRM, still being a reasonably young industry, should make marketing experts reflect upon these failure reports repeating themselves yearly. Risk analysis and error mitigation measures become a must.

Autify’s Artificial Intelligence powered, no code platform, can monitor your Ecommerce site’s conversion funnels, checking the correct fulfillment of workflows through the execution of thorough E2E tests.

For marketing agencies and marketing departments this turns out to be incredibly helpful, since they can avoid having to monitor everything manually. The power of Autify’s Artificial IntelligenceI/Machine Learning powered, no code platform can learn about changes in your application and adapt to them, making manual workflow monitoring a thing of the past –and all this in an absolutely autonomous way.

But that is not the whole story. We must also be able to properly test our website in order to be able to test the most common conversion paths of visitors. Implementing A/B testing we can compare two versions of our website’s Ecommerce application –being the B version the one that will go through changes, and then, through our CRM’s statistical tools, we are the able to analyze quantifiable aspects like traffic, user actions (views, clicks, etc.) in order to come to a conclusion as to which of both versions yields a higher conversion rate –conversion is ‘the process of a potential customer becoming an actual customer’, the moment when a user responds to a call to action, helping us determine which of both versions performs better and which will, in the end, be the most suitable candidate to be online.

Besides increasing your E2E test coverage, Autify will help you increase the overall test coverage. By eliminating the test phase –automating tests at the initial stage of the development process, times and costs are dramatically reduced.

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