What is End to End Testing?

End to End –or E2E–, is a software testing technique or methodology which, as the expression signifies, is employed to test a software application or system, from beginning to end, simulating real world scenarios in which the end user would go through the entire flow of the application, checking the correct –expected– behavior in all of its phases.

The end goal is to test the integrity of the whole system, from components and databases, to network connectivity, data integrity and any given dependencies.

E2E testing has a certain set of benefits which are looked for by key actors in the development process like developers and managers. Because it increases our test coverage areas we not only better assure the correct functionality of our product but also reduce costs and time to market.

E2E testing is usually performed when a product has finished its development process, hence each review will end in a test of a completed system.

E2E test case creation consists of three parts or phases:

  • Build User Functions: all features and subsystems. Track and record all system interactions, including data input and output.
  • Build Conditions: conditions about user functions are defined. E.g., location, timing, data, etc.
  • Build Test Cases: create multiple test cases for every user functionality.

With automated testing, you can boost the already mentioned benefits of E2E. In contrast with manual testing –though as we know, not being a replacement of it, automated E2E tests save a whole lot more time and development resources.

How do we know we have the best tool?

We only know as far as our goals and needs are defined. Many tools in the market offer a wide range of utilities and some of them are in fact really good, but in an ever evolving world in which technology and demand for it grows at quantum leap pace, certain features become a must-have: no-code or low-code technology, being AI powered, a SaaS delivery model, to just name a few.

However, pricing is not always as honest as we would want. You just need to check a few lists online to ascertain that. Avoiding companies that do not have any pricing available and going with companies that are not simply tools, but have real humans and outstanding customer success behind them to support your QA team is what we consider the way to go.

Enter Autify (Why?)

AI-powered test automation software like Autify learns of software user interface changes and notes them for QA testers. Instead of the entire test failing for a small UI change, it can point out the change to testers for faster testing cycles. Testers can also record a test case and re-run without failures even if the UI changes.

Moreover, Autify’s tech support makes for an absolutely ideal overall customer experience.

You can see our client’s success stories here: https://autify.com/why-autify

  • Autify is positioned to become the leader in Automation Testing Tools.
  • We got 10M in Series A in Oct 2021, and are growing super fast.

We have different pricing options available in our plans: https://autify.com/pricing

  • Small (Free Trial). Offers 400~ test runs per month, 30 days of monthly test runs on 1 workspace.
  • Advance. Offers 1000~ test runs per month, 90~ days of monthly test runs on 1~ workspace.
  • Enterprise. Offers Custom test runs per month, custom days of monthly test runs and 2~ workspaces.

All plans invariably offer unlimited testing of apps and number of users.

We sincerely encourage you to request for our Free Trial and our Demo for both Web and Mobile products.