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The most basic features of Autify are available.

  • Run tests on Chrome
  • Visual regression test
  • API for test execution and CI/CD integration
  • Slack integration
  • Integration with various external tools
  • Online Chat Support


Many features at affordable rates.

  • All Lite Plan features
  • Parallel execution
  • Test execution simulating mobile environment
  • Mail test
  • Check the test results in the video.


Advanced features and many customizable options.

  • All Standard Plan features
  • Run tests on Edge
  • Fixed IP address guarantee
  • Testing applications in the internal network or local environment
  • Onboarding support by CSM (Customer Success Manager)


The suite of features to meet complex needs and the highest level of support.

  • All Advanced Plan features
  • Role setting for users
  • SSO User Authentication
  • Premier Support


Pricing Plan for Web_new

Lite Standard Advanced Enterprise
Cross Browser Testing
Run tests on Chrome
Run tests in a simulated mobile environment
Run tests on Edge
Run tests on various browsers on Windows 10, 11, and macOS
Run tests on iOS and Android devices
Parallel executions 1 5 10 Custom (10+ parallel per workspace)
Increase the number of parallels
Test applications in internal networks or local environments
Fixed IP address guarantee
Basic Features
Visual regression test
Data-driven test
File upload test
Email testing
Check test results on video
Role setting for users
SSO User Authentication
Batch download test result screenshots
Increase the number of workspaces
Extend the retention period of test result logs
API for test execution and CI/CD integration
Slack integration
Integration with various external tools
Online Chat Support
Onboarding support by CSM (Customer Success Manager)
Premier Support
Professional Services


If you want to jump right into automating native app testing, this is the plan for you.
Autify will help you get a quick start with test automation.
Perfect for starting small.

  • Simulator execution environment with latest iOS version
  • Fixed IP Address guarantee
  • Chat support


This plan allows comprehensive test automation on simulators. Start quickly and comprehensively.

  • Simulator execution environment with latest iOS version
  • iOS simulator execution environment with past iOS version
  • Fixed IP Address guarantee
  • Chat support


Test on several environments.
Pick and choose the features you need to increase test coverage.

  • Simulator execution environment with latest iOS version
  • iOS simulator execution environment with past iOS version
  • Customize workspaces
  • Customize Parallel executions on Real device environment
  • Fixed IP Address guarantee
  • Chat support
  • Professional Support


Pricing Plan for Mobile




Apps Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Executions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Simulated execution environment with the latest iOS version
Simulated execution environment with previous iOS versions

Parallel executions
Simulator Environment

1 Custom Custom
Fixed IP Address guarantee
Autify API
Slack integration
Bitrise integration
Other integrations
General Features
Step Group
Visual regression testing
Chat support
Professional support
Advanced Options
Bank transfer
Security checksheet (Issue proof of security compliance)

※Can be added as an add-on



Autify offers a variety of plans to meet different needs, and different users require different plans and prices.
Please feel free to request a quote for the best plan for you.

The price is based on the plan you choose, the number of test run steps required, the number of user seats, and additional options.
Please feel free to contact us for a quote so that we can propose the best combination for you.

Test Run Steps
A scenario, which is the unit of test execution in Autify, consists of multiple steps such as “click” and “confirm that the target text is 00”. When a scenario is executed, a number of steps are executed according to the content of the scenario, and are counted as the number of test run steps.

User Sheet
Autify usage rights are allocated to each user in your organization. In addition to the fixed number of user seats granted in advance according to your subscription plan, you can purchase as many user seats as you need according to the number of users in your organization.

You can purchase additional user seats for as many people as you like. Autify is available to your team and everyone else involved.

No, there isn’t. You can use Autify for a variety of sites, including applications, corporate sites, landing pages, and other sites.

Autify for Web supports web applications, and Autify for Mobile supports native iOS and Android applications.

Autify allows you to run tests in parallel. The number of parallel executions depends on the plan. Parallel execution allows you to run multiple tests quickly and simultaneously.

For Autify for Web, all you need to do is install the Chrome browser and Chrome Extension (and allow it to run in incognito mode), and for Autify for Mobile, all you need to do is prepare the build file and you are ready to go.

Cross Browser Testing
The latest stable version will be executed. The update cycle is approximately two weeks after the stable version is released. (However, this is not guaranteed.)

With the optional Autify Connect feature, users can establish a secure tunnel between their machine and Autify to run Autify tests on applications in private environments. This allows Autify tests to be run on web applications that are not directly accessible from the Internet, such as internal web systems, closed test environments, or applications in development running on local PCs. For more information on Autify Connect, please refer to the Autify Connect Overview.


We provide support according to your plan.

We also provide the following support for all plans
Support business hours : 10:00 – 18:00 (JST) on our business days
Inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Inquiries received outside of business hours will be answered sequentially from the next business hour.

Estimated response time for primary response: Varies depending on the subscription plan. For details, please refer to the time required for the first response in Basic Support Information.

Three months of onboarding support, including a welcome session with a dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager), available with Autify for Web’s Advanced plan or higher.

In addition to our regular support, we provide personalized support through web meetings and the advice, JS steps, and CSS locators needed to run user-specific test cases.

A dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager) will support the implementation of software test automation by understanding the unique needs of each user. They provide specific advice on the design and implementation of test scenarios based on a thorough understanding of the applications to be tested.

Autify’s Success Team is available to assist you. Please fill out our contact form with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

After agreeing to Autify’s Terms of Use, you will be asked to apply for use of the service via the form. You can start using Autify as soon as you receive an email notification of your account.

Yes, it is. Plan changes (upgrades only) and single-month option additions are available. Please refer to our Terms of Service for rules regarding plan changes and cancellations.

We have annual contracts, which are counted from the contract start date. For example, if you start an annual contract on September 5th, 2021, the contract period ends on September 5th, 2022.

Autify charges are paid in U.S. dollars.

We accept credit card payments and bank transfers. The invoice required for bank transfer can only be issued electronically.

Yes. You may cancel your subscription with at least two weeks’ notice prior to the renewal date. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for cancellation rules.

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